A Gaylord dumper is a machine designed to safely and effectively transfer materials from common containers into storage vessels and/or processing equipment. It is designed for handling the contents of Gaylord boxes. Roura Material Handling’s dumper design features adjustable arms to maximize its flexibility.

Like our other material management equipment, the purpose of our Gaylord dumper is to make your operations safer and more efficient. With Roura’s Gaylord Rotator boxes, you can more easily manage materials that have been collected and transported in a variety of container sizes.

What Is the Difference Between a Pallet Box & a Gaylord Container?

There actually is no difference between a pallet box and a Gaylord container. The word “Gaylord” refers to The Gaylord Container Company, who began making heavy-duty containers in the 1980s; the original Gaylord containers were constructed with up to eight layers of corrugated paper or plastic, and available in a wide array of sizes and designs.

Since then, the term “Gaylord” has become a generic industry term that is used when referring to any pallet-sized, box-shaped container, including bulk bins, bulk boxes, pallet boxes, pallet containers, skid boxes, and tote boxes.

Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord dumper rotator boxThe Gaylord rotator, also known as the Gaylord dumper, is not just a forklift dumpster.  It gets its name from a common type of cardboard box. The Gaylord box is a large, corrugated cardboard container. It is most commonly associated with recycling and waste management operations. However, the Gaylord box is used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Gaylord boxes are popular because they are fairly inexpensive, environmentally friendly and can be used for all manner of applications. They have relatively short longevity. However, they are completely recyclable. Additionally, using high-quality equipment, such as Roura’s Gaylord Rotator, can help extend the usefulness of Gaylord boxes.

Gaylord Dumper

Roura’s Gaylord Rotator is a flexible and effective machine for managing materials stored in corrugated cardboard boxes. Simply insert the corrugated recycling box into the rotator container. Then lift the container with a forklift or other equipment. Finally, dump the contents safely and efficiently. There are many benefits to our Gaylord dumper.

  • Easily empties the contents of Gaylord boxes
  • Able to handle a variety of box sizes with our exclusive adjustable containing arms
  • Preserves the longevity of corrugated boxes
  • Safe and efficient material handling process

Our dumper is a great way to reduce manual labor costs while also speeding up your operations. As it can be used with a forklift, the Roura’s Gaylord Rotator can be easily implemented into almost any existing material handling workflow.

We currently offer two sizes of Gaylord dumpers. These offer different weights to match your operation’s needs. Both feature adjustable container arms, meaning that they can be used flexibly for all manner of containers.

Self Dumping Hopper

Roura Material Handling can help with your other processing needs as well. We invented the original self dumping hopper. This unique piece of equipment can be used with a forklift, much like our Gaylord dumper.

However, it features a self-dumping mechanism that mechanically empties the contents into storage or processing. It is another way we are helping teams like yours operate safely and efficiently.

The self dumping hopper was Roura Material Handling’s first foray into the field. Since creating the original design, our team has worked to deliver the best-quality equipment for material handling operations.

This has become increasingly important with the growing emphasis on recycling, an industry that greatly benefits from safe and environmentally-friendly material management.

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