Transportation is a major reason when you think of what a self-dumping hopper should be used for. Self dumping hoppers, which typically come in a range of sizes and types, boast the capacity to hold up to 10,000 pounds.

This means you can transport just about anything — dry, hot or cold — that can fit in the bin. You have a range of choices at your disposal in terms of size, and the one you choose is dependent on your company’s specific needs.

A manufacturing plant, for instance, may need one of the larger sizes to transport finished parts, while a small warehouse may need something more along the lines of a 4,000 pound capacity forklift dumpster. Here we examine the many types of materials that can be transported with the use of self dumping hoppers.


First off, self-dumping hoppers are used in a variety of industries, from mining and woodworking to food processing and milling. You’ll even find them in manufacturing, recycling, glass and building industries.

This means self-dumping hoppers are typically manufactured with these many uses in mind. Versatility is a hallmark of self-dumping hoppers, as they’re able to hold many different materials — even damp materials such as organic waste — thanks to seamless welding and tight seal lids.


Whether you’re in the manufacturing, food processing or agricultural space, you can use your self-dumping hoppers to move waste and other materials from one place to the other quickly and accurately. Most self-dumping hoppers are durable enough to hold wood, dirt, mulch, cardboard, paper, organic waste, manufacturing parts and by-products, trash, glass, plants and metal.

For those industries that require organic waste and damp trash removal that can start to smell over time — such as within the food processing or agriculture industries — self-dumping hoppers are easily cleaned for hygienic reasons.

You can match your unique needs with specific types of hoppers, too, such as the dewatering self-dumping hopper which is ideal for loads reaching up to 6,000 pounds. These models are designed to collect and drain wet materials, such as for water and sewage treatment processes.

For even more protection against the materials you need to collect and store, there are lined hoppers available that feature a protective coating. For smaller recycling needs, a refuse and recycling hopper may be what you need, which features a lightweight lid for keeping materials like paper and cardboard dry.

For any application that requires custom preferences, many times you can order custom made self dumping hoppers that address the needs of your industrial or commercial application seamlessly.