Dump hoppers can be extremely advantageous for many industrial applications. High-quality self-dumping hoppers have many qualities that make them great investments in any construction, plant, foundry, or industrial setting:

  • Self-dumpling hoppers are built to last. Created using the highest-gauge steel, (carbon, galvanized, stainless, and other high-grade steel), stainless steel hoppers ensure durability and longevity for all applications. They can endure rugged, daily abuse and can withstand wear in the harshest environments.
  • Self-dumping hoppers are safe and well designed. Hoppers are intelligently designed and engineered for safe handling of different types of material. They include safety features and other special components and mechanical tweaks to ensure safe and efficient handling and processing of wet, dry, irregularly shaped, and even toxic materials. In fact, there are specialty hoppers designed for handling particular types and forms of material in the safest way possible.
  • Self-dumping hoppers come in all shapes and sizes. Built for a wide variety of applications, forklift dumpsters come in many shapes and sizes, including light-duty and heavy-duty, rugged hoppers for low to high volume dumping needs. They are designed to be operated easily using a forklift and handle special types of debris and are built with high or low profile to adjust to different working environments.
  • Self-dumping hoppers are customizable. Manufacturers offer custom design options for those with special attachment needs. They allow for design modification of existing hoppers or complete customization of the hopper’s engineering to meet special applications. Different sites and industrial environments have different material handling requirements that standard hoppers may not be able to meet. Custom designing self-dumpers is often the best solutionfor these special needs.
  • Self-dumping hoppers can handle all types of light to heavy duty loads, including paper plastics, construction debris, wood, metal scraps and tunings, aluminum cans, recycling material, and even wet or fluid substances.