A wood chipper can make quick work of brush, tree tops and branches that clutter your yard. From tree service and landscaping companies to homeowners who enjoy clearing their yard, find out how you can use one of Roura Material Handling self dumping hoppers as a reliable wood chip hopper for your next project.

Convenient Options for DIY Projects

Wood Chip Hopper options by Roura

Homeowners who have a lot of brush or clear their own trees need a way to remove debris. Leaves, branches and other yard waste can quickly accumulate and be difficult to haul around your property. Wood chippers can also make a mess in your yard that requires hours of cleanup.

Unlike plastic bags or a truck bed, a self-dumping hopper is large enough to handle all your yard waste and wood chips. The self-dumping feature of many of our hoppers allows you to quickly unload your hopper. Choose one of our common hopper sizes to use as your wood chip hopper:

  • Durable self-dumping hoppers: Ranging from 2,000 pounds to 4,000 pounds, these small but mighty hoppers can hold between 1/8 a cubic yard and 5 cubic yards.
  • Rugged self-dumping hoppers: These mid-sized hoppers can hold between 4,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds with a load size of 1/8 a cubic yard to 5 cubic yards.
  • Ultimate self-dumping hoppers: Large and durable, these hoppers can handle 1/3 to 5 cubic yards and a load capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Behemoth self-dumping hoppers: Our largest line of self-dumping hoppers range from 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds of capacity. Pack your hopper with 6 to 10 cubic yards of yard waste, wood chips or any other debris that needs to be moved around your property.

These are just the basic categories of hoppers available. Choose the right size, shape and even color of hopper by searching our self-dumping hoppers, specialty hoppers and customized hoppers catalogs.

Heavy-Duty Options for Commercial Use

Commercial tree-trimming services and landscaping companies can take advantage of our selection of large, commercial hoppers. A portable wood chip hopper can quickly move all your wood chips to the exact location you need.

Haul wood chips and mulch directly to the flower beds or any area you need to work. Unlike a trailer or other storage unit, it’s easier to maneuver our self-dumping hoppers using a forklift. Order an attached handle to navigate small or empty hoppers by hand for increased efficiency.

Choose a wood chip hopper that offers the reliability you need. With 10 and 12 gauge carbon steel, our hoppers are durable enough for any outdoor application. Whether hauling topsoil or construction materials, you’ll enjoy long-lasting performance.

Specialized Chip Hopper Designs

If you haven’t found a Roura self-dumping hopper that fits your project, search for a specialized hopper design. We offer a range of hopper designs to fit unique situations. Plastic lids, open sides, dynamic dumping styles and galvanized steel construction are all options available to create a hopper for your needs.

For even more personalization, contact an engineer at Roura Material Handling to create a custom design for your yard waste hopper. Design everything from the shape and dumping style to the color of the paint job. It’s the perfect way to create a memorable personal hopper or a professional-grade option for your company.

Find the Right Hopper for Your Next Project

There’s nothing like finding the right tool for your project. Catching wood chips, hauling yard waste and handling other materials around your home or job site is safe and convenient thanks to our hoppers. If you’re ready to choose the right hopper for your next project, contact Roura Material Handling today to choose the perfect chip hopper.