The perfect self-dumping hopper for waste and refuse material handling applications.

The refuse & waste self-dumping hopper has a lightweight plastic lid that reduces odor, keeps material dry, and repels pests.

Our waste and refuse line of dump hoppers come in two sizes: one and two cubic yards. Our hoppers will solve all waste and refuse material handling requirements.

The waste hopper is the strongest hopper in its class. The efficient design of this hopper reduces expenses and increases productivity. Roura hoppers offer a secure and safe method of material handling. Roura Material Handling can make custom dump hopper designs suited for your specific application.

Common applications: Lawn refuse, cardboard, and paper.

Waste self-dumping hoppers include the following features:

  • High-class sliced and ejected trunnion passage with taper pins for best wear confrontation.
  • All hopper bodies offered by Roura Material Handling are constructed of 3/16″ & 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • Lightweight molded plastic lids that provide strength and elasticity.

Contact our engineering and sales staff at either plant to discuss your specific needs and ideas.

waste hopper