self dumping hopper partsCreate the material handling solution you need with self dumping hopper parts and accessories. At Roura Material Handling, we design and manufacture a wide variety of unique accessories to get more out of your hoppers. Compare these common components today to find out how you can upgrade your equipment and improve the efficiency of your facility.

Durable Bases

Our hoppers are designed with either boxed tube designs or an open channel system. The best system depends on the type of forklift you have and the weight requirements of your process. Discuss these two base types and other features and order a new base or design a custom hopper with the base of your choice.

Personalized Colors

Our iconic green hoppers are easy to spot and easy to love, but many customers choose a personalized color to match their company logo and brand. Ask about our paint options and find out how you can match your company trucks or color-code your hoppers for various purposes. Add your company logo and other markings to advertise your business and promote your services.

Protective Covers

A hopper left out in the rain can quickly fill with water and create logistical problems. If you don’t want a dewatering hopper for your storage hopper or material handling system, pick out a cover to protect your raw materials or garbage from the rain.

A cover also prevents odors from escaping and animals from entering your hopper. If you need to keep materials separate and avoid contamination from jobsite debris, select a durable steel, lightweight plastic or temporary tarp cover.

Convenient Casters

All of our hoppers are easy to maneuver by lifting them with a forklift. If you wish to keep your hopper grounded while you transport it around your shop floor or jobsite, choose a set of convenient casters.

Two swivel casters allow you to turn even the largest hopper with ease, while a pair of straight casters keeps your hopper stable. We size casters depending on your hopper and your expected load, so work with our design team to ensure your casters properly support your hopper.

dump hopper parts

Efficient Release Systems

Release systems allow you to dump your hopper without leaving the safety of your forklift. Compare pull-down and auto-latch variants to discover how you can improve the safety and efficiency of your material handling solution. These rugged systems are designed specifically for our hoppers, so you can be confident that they will stand up to years of heavy-duty hauling and dumping.

Effective Band Cutters

Steel banding can fill up a jobsite and cause inconvenient obstacles for your team. These bands can be sharp, so you need to be cautious when removing them from a jobsite to avoid injury. It’s difficult to pack down steel banding, so it can fill up your dumpster hopper quicker than expected.

A band cutter is an effective way to clip banding down to a convenient size. This intuitive system attaches directly to the side of your hopper and is easy to use. Simply feed a portion of steel banding into the cutter and clip it. The clipped pieces drop directly into the hopper to avoid double handling of the material.

Affordable Replacement Parts

Because we design and manufacture our hoppers, we have the spare parts you need. Browse our selection of handles, chains, replacement trunnion pins and other parts to restore your hopper. A Roura Material Handling hopper is designed to last through all types of projects, so turn to the OEM for quality replacement components.

Personalize Your Hopper With Roura Material Handling

Whether you’re looking to order a custom hopper or need an additional component for a specialized product, choose Roura Material Handling for your storage and waste removal needs. Browse our products today to see how you can upgrade your facility and improve the workflow of your team.