Managing potentially dangerous scrap can be a difficult task unless you have the right tools. A scrap metal dumpster offers the essential benefits of cutting expenses, making your workplace safer and increasing efficiency and production.

Various Sizes and Load Capacities

Our scrap metal dumpster range is designed to meet the needs of every job site, large or small. Our standard collection of self-dumping hoppers has more than 50 models, with the largest able to hold 10 cubic yards. All models are excellent for handling scrap metal.

  • Durable model: 2,000 to 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Rugged model: 4,000 to 8,000 lb. capacity
  • Ultimate model: 8,000 to 10,000 lb. capacity
  • Behemoth model: 8,000 to 10,000 lb. capacity

We also sell optional equipment including casters, covers, bases, and different colors as well as custom designs. Every one of our scrap hoppers is continuous welded for strength and durability.

Organized Scrap Storage

Manufacturing facilities, commercial construction sites and other business locations deal with a considerable amount of scrap, refuse and excess materials as a part of the job.

Our scrap hoppers hold between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds and are capable of storing up to one cubic yard. If you need even more storage and convenient removal, choose one of our Behemoth self-dumping hoppers to store up to 10,000 pounds and 10 cubic yards.

The heavy-duty carbon steel and ejected trunnion passage ensure long-lasting dependability. Even heavy loads are no match for our industry-leading products. A durable steel hopper is particularly useful when hauling heavy metal scrap or storing your hopper outdoors. A powder coating protects your storage solution against rust and corrosion.

Efficient Refuse Removal

Our scrap hopper options have convenient self-dumping features and lightweight plastic lids to efficiently store, haul and dump your refuse. Whether you’re filling and dumping your hopper of scrap steel every day or storing plastic bottles, cardboard and other refuse for weeks at a time, our equipment can keep your shop floor or job site clean and organized.

Our dumpsters provide flexible and efficient alternatives for any job site. Simply pick up your hopper with a standard forklift and haul it to another area. Use it as a portable dumpster right at your job site or pick it up at the end of the week to take to a processing location.

The convenient self-dumping feature makes it safe for a single employee to use. Your employees can lift, transport and dump refuse from the safety and convenience of the forklift seat.

scrap metal dumpster

The Benefits of Scrap Dumpsters

scrap dumpster

A cluttered shop floor can be dangerous and unsightly. Clear your shop floor or job site from troublesome scrap and excess materials by utilizing a self dumping hopper. We provide leading scrap hoppers for a variety of industries. Explore the advantages of our hoppers, compare our options and discover how you can keep your company operating efficiently with our dependable products.

Scrap hoppers can also be extremely beneficial for recycling. The best way to recycle scrap is a bulk delivery of sorted materials. Use our scrap metal containers to conveniently sort and haul scrap metals to your local recycling center. Pick up two or more containers to conveniently sort ferrous and nonferrous materials on your property. Wait until one becomes full and pick it up with your forklift for easy transportation.

Custom Solutions

Roura Material Handling hoppers not only come in a wide range of sizes and features, but they can be tailored to fit your exact needs. Work with our engineers to fabricate a dumpster for metal scraps to fit your project. Alter the dimensions, material, color and additional accessories to haul scrap and refuse according to your needs. Consider adding casters for ease of movement. A band cutter attachment makes quick work of banding scrap left on the job site or around your warehouse.

All our hoppers come in our standard Roura green, but you can customize the color to match your brand or to color-coat your refuse collection system. We have removable tarp covers that can replace the plastic lid for a more air-tight seal. Discuss any questions or concerns you may have with our hoppers and we’ll assist you in selecting or designing the hopper that matches your refuse or recycling project.

Related Questions

How Do I Dispose of Old Metal?

Old metal can quickly get in the way and cause safety concerns on the job site and around your facility. Sending old metal to a landfill can be a costly and inconvenient process. Thankfully, our scrap metal dumpster can help you prepare and safely recycle any old metal.

As a rule of thumb, you should start with products that are at least 50% metal. Too much plastic or other materials can make a product difficult to recycle. These mixed items shouldn’t be sent to a scrap metal recycling center. Consider removing metal components to increase the amount of scrap metal you can safely recycle. If your mixed item is easy to break down, this can help you get more money out of your scrap. You may also need to sort metal based on ferrous and nonferrous items. Our scrap metal dumpsters make it easy to sort out scrap metals into two separate containers.

Why Recycle Metal?

There is a limited supply of metal in the world. This natural resource needs to be protected to avoid a global shortage. It can be easily melted down and recycled into alternative products, but it isn’t a renewable material. Recycling metal is a major environmental step you can take with your company. Start with a Roura scrap metal container and find opportunities to reclaim scrap metal and avoid sending it to a landfill.

Can You Make Money Picking up Scrap Metal?

Beyond environmental considerations, metal recycling can also be a great way to earn income off your waste products. You can improve your bottom line through scrap metal management, even if you don’t have the capabilities to reuse waste metal products.

Work with a local scrap yard or metal processing facility to see how you can be paid per pound of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal. Copper is a particularly cost-effective material to recycle, but aluminum and steel can also be profitable.

Types of Scrap Metal and Their Value

The two basic categories of ferrous and nonferrous metals are both recyclable. Here are some common metals included in both categories that you should try to recycle in your area:

  • Iron and iron alloys
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Titanium
  • Tin
  • Aluminum

The pricing varies widely depending on the type of scrap metal you recycle. Typically, you’ll get more for nonferrous metals than for ferrous ones. Depending on the material and whether it’s sorted or not, you can receive anywhere from 10 cents per pound to over $2.00 per pound. Check with your local metal recycling centers in your area and ask about bulk metal pricing if you’re handling a large amount of copper wire, steel appliances or other metal scrap.

Workplace Safety and Material Handling

Use proper workplace safety as you load and handle your recycling hoppers. A Roura Material Handling hopper is a great way to handle materials safely, but it’s important to use best practices when loading your hopper.

Never attempt to load a large appliance in a hopper by yourself. Always use equipment to lift large objects into a hopper. Consider cleaning oily equipment before handling and storing them in your hopper. Use extreme caution when handling scrap metal that may have jagged or sharp edges.

Industry-Leading Quality

Work with a leader in hopper design and installation. Our company has been working in structural steel since 1915, so we’re confident in the durability and dependability of our products. Our innovative self-dumping hoppers have been a featured product since the 1920s. Our scrap metal dumpster utilizes all the dependable features of our hoppers and adds a few alterations for reliable refuse storage and removal.

We work just as hard as you do to give you top-quality metal hoppers at the best value in their class.  Let Roura Material Handling help you improve your bottom line as well as your operations with one of our scrap metal hoppers.

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