Bulk materials handling must be performed efficiently and safely, and this can only be accomplished with the right equipment to handle many different items that must be stored, transferred, distributed, or disposed.

The recycling hopper is one of the types of materials handling equipment that you should consider investing in. High-end recycling hoppers have a self-dumping mechanism that eliminates the need to manually handle recyclables and bulk material. This way, you can have a safer working environment and you can quickly and efficiently dispose of materials.

Hoppers With a Plastic Lid

Recycling self dumping hoppers are specifically designed for materials handling applications concerned with recycling and refuse. These are made with a lightweight plastic lid to minimize odors, control pests, and keep the materials dry.

Manufacturers of self-dumping hoppers offer recycling hoppers in one to two cubic yards with a capacity to handle up to 2,000 lbs. of materials for all recycling and waste material handling requirements.

A recycling hopper can safely handle any type of recycling product or trash, such as paper, in-plant refuse, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and glass bottles.

Dump Hoppers For Sale

High-quality self-dumping recycling hoppers have exclusive pierced and extruded trunnion tracks on their 12-gauge, 3/16-inch thick carbon steel bodies, with taper pins for superb wear resistance.

They are extremely durable with continuously welded bodies and a robust base to prevent materials from spilling or leaking. That way, you can keep your bulk materials storage unit clean and safer.

Some manufacturers of self-dumping hoppers can customize recycling hoppers by modifying existing refuse hoppers or by designing a fully bespoke steel hopper for your unique applications.

Hoppers for Garbage Disposal

Investing in a recycling hopper or trash hopper may help enhance your garbage disposal needs and help you sort and organize the materials that must be recycled or disposed.

Working with a reputable manufacturer that specializes in designing and building self-dumping hoppers will ensure a high-quality recycling hopper that is built with your needs in mind.