A material handling hopper is a necessity in a variety of businesses; however, in manufacturing these products are invaluable. Roura Material Handling has been in business for over one hundred years because of the need for these valuable tools. Material hoppers not only increase efficiency within the manufacturing process, but these steel self dumping hoppers help to reduce waste through their versatility and portability.

Types of Hoppers

Hopper Applications

Material hoppers come in many shapes and sizes with some having intended uses and others being multipurpose. These storage and waste containers can be portable or permanent, and each allows for easy and controlled disbursement or discarding of materials. Additionally, these tools help to maintain clean and safe environments for workers, ensuring optimum productivity. There are many ways to use a self dumping hopper. Here are a few uses for material hoppers:

  • Recycling
    For industries that use large amounts of recyclable goods – aluminum, paper, plastic – a recycling hopper can be beneficial. These hoppers come in a range of sizes and have an integrated, easy release system to assist in the production and elimination process. However, if your business requires custom solutions, that is also possible.
  • Waste
    One of the original reasons for creating the material hopper was to assist in the waste collection of materials. Waste does not refer to garbage. Waste refers to the offshoots of production and manufacturing, essentially waste material may be reused or repurposed for other purposes, meaning that a hopper improves material efficiency.
  • Garbage
    Garbage hoppers, unlike waste hoppers, are used to store refuse. These collection systems are large and allow for adequate garbage collection in a variety of industries, like retail, hospitality and These hoppers help to maintain clean and healthy employee and customer environments.
  • Glass
    Glass storage has been a problem for several businesses for a long time. Many containers buckle under the weight of bulk storage, making it unsafe. However, leaving the glass out on the shop floor can be dangerous for workers and clients. Glass hoppers are the solution. These steel containers are designed for 8,000 pounds of glass and therefore will not buckle or break, meaning that production and safety are secure.
  • Food
    While it may seem odd to see food on this list, grocery stores and other businesses have a direct need for food waste storage. Without proper storage, these businesses invite pests and rodents, making the problem a significant health concern and violation. Food hoppers store food waste in a sealed container, making it impossible for rodents and other critters to get inside and take items out.
  • Scrap
    Scrap refers to the material that can be reused for other jobs or production. While similar to waste, scrap is not in question. Therefore, having a hopper designed specifically for scrap helps the manufacturing process stay organized. These hoppers can usually manage up to 6,000 pounds and can be used for a variety of materials.

Self-Dumping Hopper

Material hoppers can be made even more efficient by purchasing a self dumping hopper. Forklifts or casters can maneuver these hoppers and allow for easy transportation and dumping of materials. Most useful in industrial, institutional and commercial applications, these hoppers add tremendous value to many operations.

Benefits in Production and Manufacturing

Hoppers are multipurpose, which means that they add significant value to any business. The ability to store a wide variety of materials from waste to scrap to almost anything means that production and manufacturing are streamlined, reducing waste while increasing overall productivity. 

A material hopper is a value-add no matter how you look at it, and Roura Material Handling is one of the most trusted names in the business with over 100 years of experience. Contact a representative today at (586)-790-6100 and find out how a hopper can benefit your business.