Roura material hoppers have earned their reputation by increasing productivity and providing exceptional value in a wide range of material-handling applications.

We offer more than 60 self dumping hopper models and also custom-design products to meet specialized needs. Solving problems and reducing labor time is what we do. No matter how unique your needs are we have a hopper that will do the job, or we’ll design one for you.

Increased Productivity Combined with Durability and Safety

You want to increase your productivity, of course, but you don’t want to compromise on product durability or worker safety. Our material hoppers are stronger and heavier than what you can expect from the other manufacturers.

We use thicker steel and our hoppers are hand welded by the Innershield method, which produces exceptional weld strength. We also use additional corner supports to add extra strength to critical weld points.

Custom Hoppers

Our self-dumping hoppers and custom-fabricated units have enabled our company to maintain its reputation as the material-handling field’s leading value producer. With a range of standard models that can accommodate capacities from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, you can count on finding the right model to cover your application.

We also offer specialty hoppers such as our open-sided and rotator models, A-frames and units designed for recycling and de-watering.

These are just a few of the many industries in which our hoppers are making work easier:

  • Building products
  • Food processing
  • Milling
  • Manufacturing
  • Woodworking
  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Solid waste management

Discover How We Can Meet Your Needs

Contact us today and let us know what process or project you would like to improve. We’ll show you what our Roura hoppers can do for your workflow. Have a unique need that requires a customized approach? No problem.

Our engineering staff will review specialized design approaches with you. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

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Recommended Hoppers for Material Handling:

Hopper Uses for Specific Materials

Our sturdy hoppers are designed to handle many different types of materials, from paper pulp to boards and construction supplies to recycles to food waste. No matter what your need is, we have a material hopper for you. If you cannot find anything in our current selection to match what you are envisioning, talk to us. We build durable and strong custom hoppers on demand. Here are some of the types of materials our specific hopper models hold.

Machining Scraps

Clients who produce machining waste and those who operate in a conveyor system benefit from our 90-degree dump self-dumping hoppers. They are easily emptied of smaller items because they tilt a full 90 degrees. We have models that hold volumes of 1000 and 2000 pounds. These hoppers are great for small spaces.

Damp and Wet Materials

Our dewatering self-dumping hoppers are ideal for holding wet materials such as pulp, aggregate, and various damp materials. These hoppers have rugged steel bodies with patterns of perforations that let water drain away efficiently. Tarps to keep materials safe during transport include models in steel, vinyl, and mesh. This line of hoppers has a capacity of as much as 6000 pounds.

Corrosive Waste

We make galvanized self-dumping hoppers designed for holding sewage, wastewater, and materials from the fishery and harvesting industries. These models are reinforced against corrosion. Our stainless self-dumping hoppers are another corrosion-resistant model that works well in the chemical, beverage, and food industries. We can customize either model to the exact capacity you need.

Large, Bulky Items

Our open-sided hoppers can make a huge positive difference in your overall operations. They reduce the need for workers to strain to reach inside hoppers with closed sides, lowering the chance of repetitive strain injuries and possibly reducing insurance costs.

The advanced design of these material handling hoppers also makes storing and moving large and bulky items easier and safer. Long items can hang over the open sides, reducing time and effort required to fit them into the hopper and making working conditions safer. With this model, forklift operators can easily dump cargo without getting down from the forklift through our innovative cable-release system. We have models to hold 4000 or 6000 pounds.


We designed our recycling self-dumping hoppers to hold a wide variety of materials, from waste metal scraps to cardboard to food industry containers. We make them with plastic lids that are lightweight and easy to lift and close to discourage pests and control odors. These hoppers make dumping from a forklift simple, quick, and safe. We offer numerous options for casters and wheels in these models, and we also make them in widths of 36 or 72 inches.

Sheet Metal and Machining Bits

We fashioned our skeleton hoppers specifically to serve the sheet metal industry. They are a boon for holding and transporting materials during processing, as their open sides and top make for easy, safe placement. However, these smart containers have multiple uses. Our skeleton hoppers are also ideal for holding materials produced by machining centers, including turret punching, plasma, and laser methods.

Hot Materials

If you work with heated items, turn to our dross self-dumping hoppers. Available in different sizes with capacities of 8000 and 10,000 pounds, these hoppers are made to hold forgings, hot glass, and other high-heat materials for transport.

Customized Self-Dumping Hoppers

Tell us what you need, and if we do not have a model for you in our lineup, we will build one. We specialize in custom-made material handling hoppers. We can customize one one of our existing models, such as our heavy-duty lined hoppers. These models are great for construction sites, and we customize the capacity for your exact requirements. If your needs are specific and unique, our engineers and staff will design a model based solely on your specifications.