What Is A Gaylord Dumper?

How Do You Safely Operate A Forklift Gaylord Dumper?

The operator picks up a corrugated box full of material and takes the box to the Roura Gaylord rotator’s location. The RGR includes a flared reinforced opening feature. The forklift operator guides the corrugated box into the RGR. The forklift operator should then place the corrugated box into the RGR then back up away a safe distance from the container to disengage the RGR. The forklift operator should then lower the forks to the ground.

A Gaylord dumper is a machine that we specifically designed so that it can transfer materials effectively and safely by removing them from containers. A Gaylord dumper is made to handle the contents that you might put into Gaylord boxes. The design of this Gaylord box dumper from Roura Material Handling includes adjustable arms and these adjustable arms make the dumper more flexible.

Next, turn off the forklift and set the forklift’s parking brake. The forklift operator should then leave the forklift and walk to the RGR to adjust the retaining rails to the appropriate position. Adjusting the retaining rails prevents the box from falling out of the RGR when you rotate the box and dump out its contents using the forklift.

The operator should go back to the forklift, put on their seatbelt, and release the parking brake. The operator must rotate the forks 90 degrees and carefully enter the forks into the RGR’s fork pockets, which are located on the back of the RGR. The operator should then lift the RGR into a safe traveling position and drive to the area or the container where they will dump the contents of the box.

The operator should then raise the RGR to a position that is safe for dumping and move it into place. The operator should set the parking brake. The operator should gradually rotate the RGR 180 degrees toward the backside of the RGR and continue rotating the RGR until the box’s contents have been dumped. The operator should then rotate the Gaylord box dumper back into its upright position and check that it has cleared the pile of material or the container.

The operator then backs up the forklift Gaylord dumper, lowers the RGR to a safe traveling position, and then takes it back to its designated area. The operator disengages the forklift by backing up a safe distance away from the container. The operator should then rotate the forks 180 degrees and lower them to the ground. The operator uses the forklift in order to remove the box from the RGR and take the box back to its designated area.

Rotator Boxes and Containers

We make the 705-pound Gaylord rotator tipper and the 890-pound Gaylord tipper. The 890-pound Gaylord tipper is quite similar to the other tipper aside from its weight. They both have the same inside width of 47 inches and the same dimensions, too.

A chip tub rotator is made to collect and store scrap material and bulk material. You can dump this box with a forklift that has rotational forks attached to it. The standard chip tub rotator is constructed with welded carbon steel. We offer different versions of this product, from the smallest 282-pound version to the largest 435-pound version.

We also offer a rotating container meant to help the operator dump a 55-gallon drum’s contents. The Drum Rotator container provides you with plenty of flexibility thanks to its adjustable containing arms. The Drum Rotator container weighs 510 pounds and its load capacity is 5,000 pounds.

We offer rotator boxes with lids, too. All of these rotator boxes with lids have a load capacity of 4,000 pounds. Their volume capacity varies from the lowest volume capacity of one-half of a cubic yard to two cubic yards.

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