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Keep your food manufacturing facility or restaurant free from unusual odors or unsightly food scraps. A high-quality food processing hopper by Roura Material Handling offers you the durable designs, diverse specifications and rugged convenience to store all your organic waste and recycling materials. Learn how you can streamline your waste removal solution today with our industry-leading hopper for food scraps.

Common Applications

When you choose a durable food processing hopper, you can easily place food scraps and recycling material in a rugged storage unit. Our self dumping hoppers for food scraps can be sealed with plastic lids to reduce odors, or include durable perforation for dewatering applications.

Typical recycling and food waste storage systems lack the convenience of a self-dumping hopper. Unlike a traditional storage container or dumpster, our hoppers are easy to lift, move and dump in another location.

Whether you’re transporting your smaller waste storage container to a larger one or creating a compost site on your property, a Roura hopper makes it easy to manage your food scraps and waste.

Food Processing Hopper Sizes and Specifications

Roura hoppers come in diverse sizes to fit your food waste needs. Specialized food processing hoppers can contain waste safely with 12-gauge carbon steel construction. Compact Rugged hoppers can hold 4,000 pounds and one-eighth of a cubic yard, while our largest Behemoth hoppers hold an impressive 10,000 pounds and 10 cubic yards to handle all your heavy-duty hauling.

A spacious food processing hopper allows you to store more scrap before removal, while a more compact size is capable of navigating smaller areas and minimizes the odor buildup of your food waste. Depending on your facility specifications, you can choose a hopper to accommodate your exact needs.

Specialty hoppers are useful for unusual transportation needs. If you have large boxes, cardboard recycling or other scraps to remove in addition to your food scraps, find out how our innovative hoppers can streamline your process and improve your productivity.

Custom Storage and Removal Solutions

Every company requires a unique commercial solution. A food processing hopper should be tailored to your exact needs. At Roura, we specialize in custom self-dumping hoppers for your application. We work with a dedicated team of engineers and an extensive manufacturing facility to fabricate your exact food scrap storage solution.

Add casters to allow your employees to easily maneuver your hopper without lifting it. A cover is an excellent alternative to a thick plastic lid for more long-term or temporary storage solutions. Use a tarp to cover your hopper from the rain or other weather conditions, or switch to an air-tight cover to prevent odors from escaping your hopper.

Another great way to personalize your hopper is through hopper color selection. Our hoppers come in our signature green, but you can choose any color option to color-code your hoppers or match your company colors.

Other Hopper Applications

Once you find the perfect food scrap hopper to handle your organic waste, consider looking for other applications around your restaurant or food processing facility. Recycling, garbage and other waste materials can easily be stored in other hopper designs to organize your facility and avoid unsafe, unpleasant work conditions.

Compare these hoppers to your typical waste management solution to determine whether you can benefit from dynamic, mobile self-dumping hoppers.

Learn More at Roura Material Handling

Don’t let unpleasant food scraps pile up in your restaurant or facility. Create an efficient storage and removal solution by selecting the best hopper for food scraps.

For more information about food processing hopper sizes, styles and ordering information, contact us today. Roura Material Handling has the engineering expertise and quality materials you need to store, process and remove food waste and recycling with industry-leading efficiency.