The heavy weight and dimensions of most granite slabs makes them difficult to transport. If stored incorrectly, the polished surface needed for some applications can get scratched, affecting the value of a slab or requiring further investment to buff out the damage.

The simplest solution to storage and transportation problems is an effective granite transport rack.

Granite Slab Rack Specifications

Whatever the density of the product you are working with, you need a granite rack that you can depend on to bear the weight. Our racks can carry 4,500 pounds per post, and between posts, they can hold up to 9,000 pounds. The thickness of the posts directly correlates with how much weight they can bear.

The posts in our top-notch units are all uniformly measured at 60″ x 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″.  The base rails need to hold it all without giving out, and we suggest an ideal size of 10 inches, which is what you will find with each and every one of our units.

The racks we have available come in quite a few different sizes. You can find racks with as many as 20 posts or as few as 12 posts. Our largest units weigh over 1,000 pounds while our smallest ones weigh 610 pounds. Since our units are all interchangeable and can be combined, the amount you can store is really only limited by the space in your warehouse.

Look no further for your granite slab storage needs than Roura Material Handling. Contact us in order to consult about what might be the right fit for you and to set up a quote.

granite transport racks

A Truly Versatile Granite Transport Rack

We understand our clients’ needs and are committed to offering a product that offers versatility, sturdiness and ease of transport. When you are looking for the right granite rack, one thing you are probably considering is whether or not it will be able to handle your inventory. One of the features you can find with our units is the capacity to mount additional racks, increasing the holding capacity of one rack and saving you from having to buy a whole new one.

The other advantage offered by our units is variability in the spacing between segments. Thanks to an ingenious design of mortise and tenon joint-locking assembly, you can customize each unit to fit your needs. If you need to relocate a unit, disassembly and reassembly are easy. These joints will stay securely in place until you manually release them.

Stability is Safety

Not only does having a stable base on your racks prevent your product from falling over and getting damaged, but it also reduces the likelihood of an accident. The racks that you find in our selection are all fitted with extra-wide bases, making them nearly impossible to tip over.

To add to this stability, we take things a step further by outfitting each granite rack with floor mounting cleats which will keep it from sliding around. Structural posts provide additional reinforcement so you can be assured that your racks will not break down under the weight of the slabs they hold.

Practical Enhancements

Every single one of our granite racks comes outfitted with protective white caps that prevent scratching. If you want extra insurance against scratches, you can also add protective strips made of rubber cushion. As mentioned above, you can add additional racks, but another option is to bolt two full racks together. All of our products can be combined and separated to suit the length that is most appropriate for your space.

Granite Material Handling Equipment

It’s not unusual to have materials that are irregularly shaped. Some of the most common examples include granite, marble, and stone. These items can be exceptionally challenging to store and they might be even harder to transport. Therefore, you need to have access to unique granite handling equipment that can help you protect yourself and your products from harm.

When you are trying to find the right materials to help you, you need to find storage racks that have been specifically designed for heavy sheet materials. You also need to inspect all of your racks before loading, and you should discourage your employees from using manual lifting. That way, you can reduce your chances of someone suffering an injury while also protecting your product. We have the right equipment to help you accomplish all of these goals.

Granite Slab Racks

We offer slabs that provide a wide variety of components, including mortise joints, tenon joints, structural posts, and mounting plates. Our slab racks also come with a wider base for stability, preventing scratches from damaging your products. Every slab rack comes with two wide base rails that can be fastened to the floor. There are numerous structural posts that protect your product, and they can handle 4,500 pounds per post. There is even an optional backsplash rack available. If you are looking for a rack that can protect your slabs, this is the option for you.

Granite A-Frames

In addition, we also offer heavy-duty granite A-frames that are perfect for storing stone and granite. This is a strong frame that can support up to 12,000 pounds per side. They are also a great choice if you are looking for ways to reduce your freight expenses. Because they are 60 inches tall, they can handle full slabs. There is also an optional cross member that might provide you with extra stability. Consider going with our granite A-frames if you are looking for something with extra protection.

Remnant Racks

There are plenty of opportunities for you to use and cell remnants as well. Therefore, you need access to a reliable remnant rack that can help you protect your product. Our remnant racks can hold up to 2,400 pounds per post, but we also offer stronger, ultimate remnant racks that can handle up to 2,800 pounds per post. They come with protective white caps to protect your materials from being scratched, and they have strong joints that can stand up to routine wear and tear. Make sure you do everything you can to protect your granite remnants by taking advantage of our racks.

Safety in the Workplace

Ultimately, it is critical not to lose sight of the importance of safety in the workplace. When you are stacking and storing heavy items including marble, stone, and granite, you need to have the right equipment to do so safely. If you have access to appropriate granite material handling equipment, you can reduce the chances of damaging your products and having employees who might suffer injuries.

That is where we can help you by providing you the best granite material handling equipment in the industry. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with all of your granite needs, please contact us today!