A great self-dumping hopper for glass material handling applications.

Roura’s glass hoppers come with plastic lids for easy handling and are self-dumping. They keep material dry while reducing odor and repelling pests.

Reduce operating expenditures, increase productivity and offer a safe and secure method of material handling by investing in a glass hopper by Roura Material Handling. This line of self dumping hoppers come in one and two cubic yard sizes to solve a wide variety of waste and glass material handling uses.

Common applications: Glass bottles, in-plant refuse, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

Features of Self-Dumping Glass Hoppers:

  • High quality sliced and ejected trunnion passage. Taper pins are included for best wear confrontation.
  • All hopper bodies offered by Roura Material Handling are constructed of 3/16″ & 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • Lightweight molded plastic lids that provide strength and elasticity.

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Recommended Glass Hoppers:

Improve Safety and Efficiency With Our Self-Dumping Glass Hoppers

Glass material handling operations present many health and safety challenges: materials weight, odor containment, pest control and broken glass hazards. Any effective handling solution must focus on efficiency, durability and worker safety. A glass hopper from Roura Material Handling solves these and other challenges in your organization’s waste and glass material handling processes. With a wide range of models to choose from along with custom designs, Roura leads the material handling industry with innovative, durable and superior quality steel hoppers.

Glass Self-Dumping Hopper Basics

roura dump hoppersRoura has several standard self-dumping hoppers that are perfect for your glass material handling operations. These eight models from our Ultimate series hoppers offer maximum load capacities of 8,000 pounds and volume capacities between ½ and 2 ½ cubic yards. They also come in a wide range of dimensions, starting at 48 ½ by 39 by 31 ½ inches. Our largest recommended model, the 4T-1/4-680, measures 71 by 57 ½ by 60 inches.

Like the rest of our dumpers, your new self dumping hopper for glass is the strongest in its class. That strength and durability results from our fabrication process and high quality standards, producing glass dumpers with several key features:

  • Crafted with ¼” gauge thick steel bodies
  • Continuous weld construction for exceptional strength
  • Steel lift-up release handles with secure flip latches
  • Box tube bases with extruded trunnion tracks for enhanced wear resistance

Starting with the 4T-1/4-405 model, our larger 8,000-pound Ultimate hoppers come equipped with base-to-body chains for additional reinforcement. The 4T-1/4-680 model also includes a heavy-duty keystone stop.

Customization Made Easy

You’ve seen that Roura has many hoppers for glass material handling, but don’t forget about their customizable features. Building your hopper is as simple as selecting a few drop-down menu choices and clicking a button. All eight models allow the addition of our exclusive Mechanical Hopper Release system, which lets forklift operators dump their contents while seated on the forklift truck.

The MHR can be customized for left-handed and right-handed operation. Alternatively, we can customize your hopper’s handle system for dumping from elevated heights with steel lift-up, auto-latch or pull-down handles for either left-handed or right-handed operators.

Other personalized options include caster/wheel sets, covers, base types and finishes. We offer caster/wheel sets come in ductile iron, polyurethane, phenolic, polyolefin and rubber tired editions, as well as removable caster pads. Cover options include water-tight steel, mesh and vinyl tarp. If the standard heavy-duty boxed tube base doesn’t meet your needs, you can choose the three-way base entry or base leg options.

Our self dumping hoppers are coated in our standard safety green finish, but we also offer safety red, blue, orange and yellow as well as brown, white, gray and black.

Custom Hoppers

All our hoppers offer customizable features, but we can also create a custom version for your materials handling operations. Our engineers can modify an existing hopper model to your specs or design a brand-new hopper from the ground up. You can use our custom hopper ordering page or contact our sales staff directly.

Your Unique Materials Handling Solution

For over 70 years, Roura Material Handling has set the gold standard in material handling products. Using our design and engineering experience, we developed the first self-dumping hoppers from our original steel boxes. With more than 100 years of excellence and innovative approached in steel fabrication, we continually meet customers’ needs with products delivering superior quality, safety, durability and value.

To request a custom glass hopper or learn how it can help your operations, contact Roura Material Handling today.