Customizable Gaylord Rotator Boxes

Engineered and fabricated by Roura Material Handling, the originators of the Self Dumping Hopper, our gaylord tipper is designed to empty corrugated (gaylord) boxes without damaging the container. Preserve the longevity of your corrugated boxes and maintain a clean warehouse or worksite. Manufactured using the strongest, more durable materials, we’ve maintained our reputation for value and quality for over a century.

Strength and Versatility

Our products are used in dozens of industries, including construction, waste management, manufacturing, agriculture, among others. We build our tippers using the same hot rolled steel fabrication as our self-dumping hoppers. Whereas industry-standard bases are 1/4” thick, ours are 5/16″, improving strength and longevity. Our manufacturing process speaks to our commitment to quality. Every container is inner-shield welded by hand, resulting in a tighter, lasting weld.

Depending on your demands, we offer two models:


  • 51” x 50 ½” x 71 ½”
  • Weight: 890 lbs.
  • Interior width: 47”


  • 51” x 50 ½” x 71 ½”
  • Weight: 705 lbs.
  • Interior width: 47”

Custom Specifications

Because we fabricate by hand, you can customize your rotator boxes to suit your specific needs. Custom specifications include adjustable rail size and cross member installation. Rails dictate the interior capacity, housing wider or narrower containers. Cross members reinforce the open end of the tipper.

Stronger and wider bars are available for heavier loads. We can also fabricate specific capacities and colors. Enter your specifications to receive a quote for your custom gaylord tipper or choose from one of our factory standard models.

Complete Your Order Today

Leading the industry for over a century, Roura Material Handling continues to solidify its reputation. To purchase your new gaylord rotator box, choose the model that best suits your needs. Customize features, including color, rail size and cross member and select “Add to Quote.” Order your new tipper today to increase efficiency with a durable, long-lasting product. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.