The best self-dumping hopper for garbage and trash material handling applications.

The self-dumping garbage hopper or trash hopper comes with a light plastic lid that keeps material dry, cuts down on odor and prevents pests.

Make projects easier by investing in a garbage hopper. Roura Material Handling makes over 60 models of self-dumping trash hoppers. Our hoppers can handle recycling and refuse materials with no problem, and they come with a variety of convenient features. We also ensure every model is built to withstand harsh weather, and can even customize our existing models based on your preferences and needs.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of Roura’s garbage hopper.

Benefits of the Roura Trash Hopper

Roura’s recycling self-dumping hoppers are available in two sizes: one-cubic and two-cubic. No matter what size you get, they’re both incredibly durable and can be used for heavy-duty applications. Opting for a trash hopper from Roura offers many benefits, including:

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Enhanced Security & Safety
  • Better Productivity
  • Available for Custom Designs

All custom hoppers are designed based on your specific requirements. We can also modify our standard garbage hopper models to suit your needs.

Common Applications

A trash hopper is a perfect waste management solution for nearly any industry. Our customers typically use our hoppers for recycling or disposing of in-plant refuse, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and other non-hazardous materials.

Features & Specifications of Our Garbage Hopper

Roura’s self-dumping garbage hopper comes with many great features. One of these features is its light plastic lid. This plastic lid decreases the odor of the disposed materials and ensures that the material remains dry. The plastic lid also prevents pests from getting inside the hopper.

As mentioned previously, our garbage hoppers are available in two sizes: one- and two-cubic yards. The one-cubic yard version of our hopper is lightweight at 560 pounds, but offers a 2,000-pound load capacity. The two-cubic yard hopper is heavier at 825 pounds, and also has a load capacity of 2,000 pounds.

Safety Features

At Roura, we prioritize safety. That’s why we designed our trash hoppers with durability and accessibility in mind. All of our hoppers can withstand harsh weather conditions and include the following safety features:

  • Double Wall & Lightweight Plastic Lid
  • Roura Safety Green Paint
  • Ductile Iron Release Handle & Secure Flip Hatch (Two-Cubic Yard Hopper)
  • Steel Iron Release Handle & Secure Flip Hatch (One-Cubic Yard Hopper)

Customization Options

At Roura, we understand that every customer has different needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive customization process. Whether you purchase a one- or two-cubic yard hopper, you’ll get to choose your mechanical hopper release and handle systems, select wheels and casters, as well as colors and bases. Additionally, you can add optional features, including base legs, crane eyes, and even metal covers.

All of the hopper customization options include:

  • Left- & Right-Hand Model MHR System
  • Auto-Latch Handle & Pull-Down Handle
  • Phenolic Casters (4 x 2 inches), Semi-Steel Casters (4 x 2 inches), & Rubber-Tired Casters (8 x 2 inches)
  • Variety of Colors
  • Base Legs, Three-Way Base Entry, & Heavy-Duty Boxed Tube Base
  • Metal Cover

Have questions? Call Roura today. To learn more about our custom one-cubic yard hoppers, click here. If you’re interested in our two-cubic yard model, click here.

Design Your Custom Trash Hopper Today

Roura’s garbage hoppers will help you easily handle refuse and recycling material. Our unique models can’t be found anywhere else, and our hoppers can be used in a variety of settings, including food processing, waste management, agricultural, manufacturing, milling, and more.

You can view our full line of products here. If you have questions about our self-dumping trash hoppers, or would like to request a quote, call (586) 250-2538 today or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to earn your business!

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