Roura’s line of food hoppers are available in one and two cubic yard sizes to solve your food waste material handling needs.

The food processing hopper is the best self dumping hopper in its class. This hopper will reduce operation costs and increase productivity. In addition, Our hoppers offer a safe and secure method of material handling.

Roura Material Handling has custom designs available if you have special requests.

Common applications: organic waste, restaurant waste, grocery store waste

Restaurants and grocery stores will find that our food processing hoppers increase efficiency and are durable. Our hoppers can handle all organic and food waste.

Food Processing Hoppers include the following features:

  • Well made sliced, ejected trunnion passage with taper pins for best wear confrontation.
  • All hopper bins offered by Roura Material Handling are constructed of 3/16″ & 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • Lightly molded plastic lids add strength and elasticity.

If you have any needs you want to discuss, contact our engineering and sales staff.

food hopper

Dump Hoppers for Food Handling

food processing hopperChoose a one or two cubic yard self dumping hopper by Roura Material Handling for safe and secure food handling. Whether you’re handling restaurant waste, grocery store waste or organic waste on a farm, our hoppers are the best in their class and streamline your processing. Compare our standard and custom hoppers with our competition to discover the Roura difference for yourself.

Convenient Self-Dumping Hopper

A self-dumping hopper design offers your business several distinct advantages. First, the convenient forklift channels make it easy for a standard forklift to move, lift and dump food scraps wherever you need. Our standard three-inch channels are open side down to prevent debris buildup.

Once your forklift operator picks up a Roura hopper, they have complete control of the hopper from the safety of their forklift. Lift, move, lower and dump features are all easy to control safely without exiting the forklift.

This feature not only improves the safety of your hopper but also increases the speed of food processing and removal. Don’t wait on specialized equipment or a team of individuals to safely remove your food scraps and organic waste. Our versatile hoppers are designed to keep you in control of your business and reduce the time it takes to remove waste stored on your property.

Main Features

While our food hoppers are completely customizable, our standard hoppers include a few features that have been designed with most businesses in mind. Here are some key features you can enjoy when you choose one of our premier one or two cubic yard food processing hoppers:

  • 3/16-inch and 12-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Sliced, ejected trunnion passage
  • Tapered pins
  • Lightly molded plastic lids

Rugged carbon steel prevents wear on ensures a strong, reliable hold. Even when your hopper is full, you can enjoy a durable hopper that won’t warp or bend. Tapered pins and a precision-engineered trunnion passage ensure a firm hold and reliable rotation for years to come.

Create a Custom Food Processing Hopper

Work with an engineer to create a custom hopper to fit your design specifications. Our two basic sizes fit most restaurant, farm and grocery store needs, but our team can create a unique model for your business.

Start by selecting the load capacity, volume capacity and dimensions of your custom hopper. Describe the product requirements you need for your new hopper. We’ll work with you to accommodate all the necessary features in an expertly designed hopper. Finally, choose your color choice and prepare to enjoy a specialized food processing hopper that fits your location and your storage and waste removal needs.

Recycling Hoppers

Sort your food scraps and recyclable materials with a food processing hopper and a recycling hopper. Thanks to the lightweight lid and spacious design of our recycling hoppers, you can easily store plastic, cardboard and glass recycling materials separate from your food waste.
A reliable recycling hopper uses the same convenient forklift channels, durable carbon steel design and innovative self-dumping feature to haul and dump your materials. Choose a one or two cubic yard hopper to safely store all your materials. A plastic lid prevents odors while still making it easy to load your hopper with daily recyclable materials.

Explore Our Industry-Leading Hopper Line Today

Since 1915 Roura Material Handling has been a leading name in Detroit. Our structural steel for buildings and bridges transformed the hopper industry and was used to create our leading food processing hopper solutions. These dump hoppers are ideal for restaurants, grocery stores and farms, but can also be used in manufacturing and agricultural businesses. Discuss your hopper needs with our team today to find out how you can increase the efficiency of your food processing and waste management services.