Transport food-grade barrels and empty 55 gallon barrels easily with the Roura Material Handling 55 gallon drum lifter and rotator. The rugged and dependable RDR-1D uses 7 gauge steel and 100% welded bodies to easily handle your 55 gallon drums.

The dimensions of our lifter/rotator allows for any type of 55 gallon drum to safely fit and be secured. A tall back ensures safe pouring of loose materials or liquids. The entire lifter is coated with our patent Roura green, though the color can be customized at your request. All of our hoppers and lifters are proudly made in the USA.

Safety Components

The drum lifts safety systems prevent an unplanned spill or loose barrel. Follow our operating instructions and convenient operational videos to reduce the risk of workplace incidents.

Versatile Use

Adjustable side rails and a spacious, heavy-duty lifter allow you to haul a wide range of materials. As long as your materials are stored in a 55 gallon barrel and weigh 6,000 pounds or less, our lifter can handle your project.

Customizable Convenience

Custom drum rotators are available to suit your applications. Alter the dimensions, change the color or include additional accessories to tailor and personalize your own custom drum lifter. Contact us today for more details.

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55 Gallon Drum Lifter and Rotator

Transport food-grade barrels and empty waste products easily with the Roura Material Handling drum lifter 1000. This product highlights our commitment to dependable material handling solutions for your industry. Find out how to use your new drum lifter to manage your jobsite or facility and how this innovative Roura product compares with other rotator solutions.

Transporting Barrels

Your new Roura 55 gallon drum lifter must be used with a forklift truck. Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications for safe use of your forklift truck. Transporting barrels in and out of your rotator also requires a drum grabber attachment. Review the instructions of this attachment before operating your drum lifter to prevent any damage, risk of injury or spilled materials.

Reduce Drum Handling Problems

Barrels are an efficient storage system, but they can be difficult and hazardous to handle without the proper equipment. Just like the Gaylord box rotator and self-dumping hoppers, our drum lifter was designed to meet a particular need. Whether you’re operating an industrial manufacturing facility or a food and beverage service location, a drum lifter and forklift offer a more efficient alternative to a dolly, cart or other transportation methods.

Daily Operations

Remove the safety chain from your drum lifter and loosen the side rails. Pick up a 55 gallon barrel with a barrel grabber and carefully place it in the Roura drum lifter 1000. Once the forklift is safely parked away from the lifter, connect the safety chain and tighten the side rails to secure the barrel in place.

Use the bottom forklift pockets to lift the drum rotator off the ground. Once you reach your dumpster or other site where you wish to dump the barrel, lower the lifter to the ground. Remove the forklift forks, rotate them and insert them into the side pockets. You can now lift and safely dump your drum lifter from this position.

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