dewatering self dumping hopper

Moving and storing materials on your job site or in your plant can be time-consuming, but moving and storing wet materials can be even more difficult. Whether you’re struggling to find a way to adequately drain your materials or looking for a more convenient way to transport your dewatered inventory, discover how a dewatering hopper can streamline your process.

What Is a Dewatering Self-Dumping Hopper?

Typically, dewatering, storing and transporting materials occur in three distinct steps, often with three distinct machines and/or containers. This process can cost a significant amount of time and money. Instead, a dewatering self-dumping hopper can combine all three steps in one versatile piece of equipment.

The best self dumping hoppers come in a range of sizes and are made with durable, 1/4-inch carbon steel. Perforated steel sides allow your material to efficiently dewater. Once the liquid is sufficiently removed, you can pick up your hopper with a standard forklift and transport it wherever you need your materials. Use the self-dumping feature to quickly transfer the waste or dry materials wherever you need them.

You won’t need a specialized tool or unique attachment to transport your new hopper. Self-dumping hoppers are designed to be easily picked up and moved with standard forklift forks. This convenience saves you time and money, allowing you to easily pick up and move your hopper around your plant without purchasing special attachments or waiting for a particular machine to operate the hopper.

Wet Material Applications

There are many common applications for businesses in a variety of industries. Use your dewatering hopper to process, store and transport these common materials:

  • Aggregate
  • Waste and water
  • Pulp

However, the all-purpose nature of an industrial self-dumping hopper means that you can use these dewatering hoppers for a diverse range of applications. If you need to store materials outdoors and don’t want rainwater to collect in your hopper, a dewatering hopper is a perfect option.

Choose a hopper that’s durable enough to pick up and move, even when it’s fully loaded. Premium hoppers include a sturdy distended trunnion path with taper pins that allows you to lift and dump a full hopper.

The best feature of wet material handling hoppers is their sheer versatility. These are just a few common applications, but the rugged design, convenient self-dumping mechanism and spacious interior allow you to store, transport and dump items in a wide range of applications. Because these hoppers are designed to be transported by a forklift, you can enjoy the freedom of indoor and outdoor movement. Navigate your busy shop floor, expansive warehouse or compact job site.

The Roura Advantage

When you’re ready for an industry-leading self-dumping hopper for wet materials, choose Roura Material Handling. We’ve been making reliable hoppers since the 1940s. Our hoppers come in a range of sizes and are capable of storing up to three cubic yards and 6,000 pounds of materials.

Choose a few innovative add-ons to further personalize your self-dumping hopper. Install casters on your small dewatering hopper to easily relocate it by hand or without lifting it into the air with your forklift. Covers and lids can be added to allow your materials to safely dewater without being exposed to rain or direct sunlight. If you’re not satisfied with the dimensions of one of our five standard options, contact us today to discuss custom dewatering hoppers for your particular need.

Our team of engineers are capable of designing a hopper to your exact specifications. Whether you’re transporting waste in your plant or moving aggregate to your construction site, choose a durable, reliable and convenient dewatering self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. Take charge of your wet material handling and streamline your company.