Self Dumping Chip Hoppers

Chip hoppers are a common sight on most construction sites.

Chip hoppers are a common sight on most construction sites. Transporting materials efficiently is essential to keeping areas clean and safe. A self dumping hopper can simplify and expedite the task.


How Do They Work?

A self dumping hopper is designed to dump its load with minimal effort on the part of the operator. Some hoppers have pull-down systems which require the operator to pull a handle to initiate the dump. Others have a mechanical release which utilizes a pulley system. This allows operators to pull the handle and dump the hopper contents without getting out of their forklift.


What Industries Can Benefit From Self Dumping Chip Hoppers?

As mentioned earlier, hoppers are common in construction work, where debris and waste must be properly disposed of on a regular basis. Chip hoppers specifically may be used at paper mills or recycling plants. Many industries can employ hoppers to transport large amounts of materials on-site with relative ease, including companies active in:

  • Mining
  • Glass making
  • Food processing
  • Solid waste management

In some cases, this is more than just a matter of convenience. Worker safety can depend on hoppers that function correctly.


What Kind of Hoppers Are Available?

If you need to transport a particular material, chances are there’s a hopper designed to do just that. Roura Material Handling has a wide selection of self dumping hoppers, including the following:

With roots going back to 1915, Roura Material Handling has refined the self dumping steel hopper and expanded to fulfill new manufacturing needs.


How Can You Order?

Roura Material Handling offers hoppers in a variety of sizes, including custom options. All are  continuously welded using 10 and 12 gauge carbon steel, resulting in high-quality products that are safe and reliable. To order your Roura hopper, call us at 662-252-1421 or 800-654-9147. You can also contact us online.