A self dumping hopper with casters is not the only piece of equipment to utilize caster wheels. These wheels are distinctive because they are heavy-duty and typically allow for a greater range of maneuverability on any item. Roura Material Handling has a wide selection of casters available for all your hauling needs. While most casters allow for freedom of movement, there are two basic types:

stainless steel hopper
  • Swivel
    Swivel casters are the most common form of industrial wheels, allowing for movement in any direction. The wheels of these casters can be made of several different materials, adding to their effectiveness in different types of manufacturing and industries.
  • Rigid
    Rigid caster wheels are a little less common and restrict the movement of the object they are fixed to. Rigid wheels are good for certain manufacturing and industrial situations where it is better or safer for an object to maintain a specified path.

No matter the situation or the object, casters offer superior maneuverability and can be adapted for nearly every environment. Casters come in a variety of styles and materials to suit the needs of every industry.

Caster Varieties

Most caster wheels come in sets of two, which may sound odd, but this allows you to select two rigid and two swivel wheels or any other combination. The availability of sets means that you can customize your rolling solution. Beyond rigid and swivel selections, casters come in a variety of materials to ensure durability and longevity regardless of spills or chemicals used in your facility.

  • Ductile Iron Wheel
    As some of the most durable and resilient wheels available, Ductile Iron wheels are great for industries specializing in metal fabrication. The crowned wheel face allows for easy rolling and maneuvering while being able to withstand the abuse of rough floors and metal debris.
  • Phenolic Wheel
    If you are working in an environment that is prone to oil, grease and water spills, or require something that is spark-proof, then you will want a Phenolic wheel. While these wheels provide excellent protection, they are also quieter than steel and just as durable.
  • Rubber Tired Wheel
    Lightweight hoppers are easier to move around smooth floor facilities on casters, but not just any caster. Rubber-tired casters allow for shock absorptions and quiet rolling. Also, the iron center of these wheels means that they will last. However, rough floors can damage the rubber exterior and potentially damage the wheel core or the floor.
  • Removable Caster Pad
    Removable casters are a unique wheel design. These wheels are designed to fit into a permanent pad that is attached to a hopper or other item. The caster wheel is then locked in place with a bolt and nut. This design allows for easy replacement should a caster be damaged and need replacing.
  • Polyurethane Wheel
    Polyurethane wheels are among the most durable wheels on the market. Resistant to oil, grease, water and most solvents, these wheels are useful in industrial settings. Additionally, the polyurethane tread molded around a steel core is non-marking and quieter than other wheels.
  • Polyolefin Wheel
    If working in a facility with rough and smooth floors that may experience chemical spills, then Polyolefin wheels are likely a good option. These wheels offer superior impact and shock tolerance and can resist most chemicals. Additionally, these wheels have a decent load capacity, making them ideal for many situations.

Caster Selections and Solutions

The addition of caster wheels is an excellent way to make a custom hopper. The wide selection of materials means that whether operating in a chemical plant or a fabrication facility you can find the right set of wheels. Contact Roura Material Handling to find the best caster solution for your business or call a representative at 1-586-791-6100 or 1-800-968-9070.