Used Self-Dumping Hoppers for the Budget Minded

Roura Material Handling pioneered the development of the self-dumping hopper over 70 years ago. Since then, our hoppers have become an invaluable fixture on many shop floors, and yet the price of a new unit may be prohibitive for some. See what used self dumping hoppers from Roura have to offer you.



On any shop floor, the safety of the workers is paramount. Roura self-dumping hoppers include several safety features to prevent on-the-job injuries that can result in loss of productivity and costly workers compensation claims:

  • Release Handles: When the release handle is deployed, the hopper will return to its original position after the load has been dumped. Some handles are configured to allow a forklift driver to release the handle even while seated inside the vehicle, which is both safer and more convenient.
  • Trip Lever Latches: You can imagine what problems a fallen hopper can cause on the shop floor. At best, it will make a huge mess; at worst, a worker could sustain a serious injury. Trip lever latches on our hoppers prevent the load from spilling while in transit, keeping it in place until you’re ready to dump it.


Versatility and Variety

Self-dumping hoppers can be used for storage. When a material is required on the floor, the hopper can be transported there by forklift or pushed manually with the aid of casters. This gives the hopper an advantage over stationary storage units, such as shelves or racks. Need to use your hopper to store a different material? The hopper’s self-dumping capability makes cleanup a breeze. No matter how big or small the job may be, Roura self-dumping hoppers come in sizes ranging from 1/2 cubic yard to 5 cubic yards, so you’re sure to find the size you need.



We understand that, as useful as they are, a new hopper may nevertheless be beyond your budget. Used self dumping hoppers from Roura provide the same desirable features at a fraction of the cost.

As the originators of the self-dumping hopper, Roura Material Handling has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right hopper. Contact us today or call 586-790-6100.