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Working with stone slabs is a challenging and dangerous process if the slabs are not handled and stored correctly or with care. There are too many reports of workers attempting to position and secure slabs in the fall shadow — the area directly in front of or behind the stone — of a near-vertical piece. Standing in such an unsecured position can lead to crushing injuries and worse. However, securing a piece when loading is not the only potential danger.

Many stone suppliers secure stones on A-frames, often stacking one stone against another. While the pieces might seem secure enough, the bottom might slide when the top sheet is removed. Additionally, there are instances of in-house-built A-frames buckling under the weight of the stones.

Our stone handling equipment and stone productsA-frames, granite slab racks, and remnant racks — are designed to withstand the forces and loads stonework and storage impose. Our stone slab handling equipment is carefully constructed to reduce and eliminate sliding, shifting, and the threat of collapsing. With included fasteners and timber blocks, you can rest easy knowing workers are safe from falling and slipping hazards.

Stone Slab Handling Equipment

Roura Material Handling offers a variety of stone slab handling equipment and granite slab handling equipment, from A-frames to remnant racks. Our products are created using the same quality materials and rigorous production values we are known for in our other equipment, including built-in safety features.

Our A-frame products are built of high-quality steel and can hold up to 12,000 lbs. per side. We have ensured equal capability on each side, ensuring you get the most out of your storage solution. There is also the potential for customization with several of our products.

Additionally, we offer several sizes of slab racks, allowing you to find the ideal solution for your storage needs, whether that be granite, marble, or stone. You can purchase racks up to 135 inches with 20 posts.

Finally, our remnant racks provide plenty of space for off-cuts and smaller stone, marble, or granite sections. We offer options from 79 ¼ inches to 134 ¾ inches in length and six to 30 posts to customize slot positions.


Our innovative A-frame design allows for the storage of 60-inch slabs and up to 12,000 lbs. It arrives disassembled to ensure our customers save as much as possible on shipping. Once assembled, the quality of the frames is apparent with heavy-duty steel construction, included timber blocks, steel cross members, and fasteners.

You can also boost the stability of the structures with a second cross member if you so choose. Additionally, each of our A-frames uses enamel paint to protect against weather damage, ensuring you can store and transport your materials wherever is most suitable to your operations.  

While we offer several sizes for all your marble, granite, and stone slab needs, contact our design team if you cannot find the size or specs that suit your project. We are involved at every step of our products’ design and fabrication process, which means we are more than capable of providing a unique design for your material needs.

Granite Slab Racks

stone slab handling equipment

At Roura Material Handling, we manufacture tools for your granite, marble, and stone slab storage needs, including the versatile slab rack. Each of our racks comes standard with several features:

  • Floor mounting cleats
  • Mortise and tenon joints
  • Structural posts
  • Protective caps
  • Extra-wide bases
  • Mounting slots for additional racks

Our racks can handle the storage of full-size slab bundles, with a load capacity of 4,500 lbs. per post and 9,000 lbs. between. The two 10-inch-wide base rails with locking cleats add stability, especially when fastened to the floor. Additionally, the two-layer mortise and tenon base rails provide superior strength through the welded joint. If you are interested, you can add a backsplash rack for greater protection. You can purchase our slab racks in lengths of 60 inches up to 135 inches. As well, we would love to hear from you if you have special requirements or handling needs because we can offer custom solutions.

Remnant Racks

Roura’s remnant racks are offered in two series for stone products of a smaller cut size. The standard dimensions can accommodate many floor space requirements, from 70 ¼ inches to 134 ¾ inches. Additionally, the caps and hollow posts are included with the purchase of any remnant rack, from six to 30 posts depending on the item.

The purpose of a rack is to store remnants from the same lots together for efficiency and organization. These racks permit suppliers to keep more cuts for less waste. Additionally, they provide a place to organize and store finished pieces.

The racks can hold up to 1,200 lbs. per post and 2,400 lbs. per post set. However, if you upgrade to the ultimate remnant rack, you can store 1,400 lbs. per and 2,800 lbs. between. As with our other storage systems, these racks have base rails welded together for greater stability. The rails have locking cleats so you can fasten them to the floor.

Finally, while our remnant racks are sold in various lengths, you can purchase multiple sets. We have created these storage solutions so the user can bolt two or more together to achieve their desired length.

Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers

While most stone, granite, and marble suppliers precisely measure and cut their materials to ensure minimal waste, some odd cutoffs are unavoidable. Whether or not you want to dispose of all these excess materials, finding a way to store, transport, and dispose of them is challenging, which is where the Roura Behemoth self-dumping hopper comes into play.

This beast of a bin can handle loads of up to 10,000 lbs. safely. The 3/16-inch and ¼-inch carbon steel bodies ensure maximum durability. The 72-inch long box tube base creates a sturdy foundation, and the additional support channels and side and back angles provide stability. Finally, the continuous stop bar and base-to-body chains increase stop reinforcements, allowing for secure transportation and dumping.

However, if the 10 cu. yd., 10,000 lbs. capacity, 91-inch by 135-inch by 70-inch hopper is not behemoth enough, reach out to our design specialists to discuss customization options. We want to make sure you purchase the solutions that are right for your projects.   

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

As a material handling equipment supplier, we want to provide for all your material handling needs. We have worked with various industries throughout our company history, creating and supplying solutions for multiple uses and applications. While we are widely known and celebrated for our revolutionary hopper designs, we have also established a sterling reputation for many material handling needs in industries such as:

  • Milling
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Food processing
  • Waste management
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

Our A-frame, slab rack, and remnant rack designs are only a few examples of the stone handling equipment we can offer your business. Maintaining a reputation of quality and integrity within all the industries we serve is of the utmost importance to our core values.

While we are proud to offer several standard models that are typically more than adequate for client needs, we are also aware that standard models are not universally useful, which is why we also offer opportunities for customization. Contact one of our representatives to discuss your specific needs in detail.