Many companies have material handling needs that require specialized equipment that matches the unique requirements of their industry. Industrial hoppers are no exception. In order to provide the safety and efficiency your operation requires, you should match the best possible hopper to the task. You’ll find what you need at Roura.

One of our many specialized self dumping hopper models will meet your unique and exacting needs. All of our hopper bodies are constructed from heavy-duty steel, not plastic, and our galvanized and stainless steel models can serve particularly demanding applications.

Roura Stainless Steel Hoppers Are the Strongest in Their Class

Our stainless steel models feature sliced and ejected trunnion tracks that will resist wear over time regardless of heavy usage. We make the strongest available stainless steel self dumping hopper in its class and our specialized construction can be counted on to provide the greatest degree of safety for your workers.

Highly individualized applications are no problem. We’ll modify any of our hopper models to meet whatever needs your operation requires.

Our Galvanized Steel Hoppers Are Designed for Applications Where Resistance to Corrosion Is Required

For those applications in which resistance to corrosion is an absolute must, our self dumping hopper made of galvanized steel will provide superior performance. Featuring our exclusive pierced and pointed trunnion track with taper pins, our galvanized steel model offers outstanding damage resistance.

Like all of our metal hopper models, we can custom design or modify one that will meet your needs no matter how demanding they may be.

These are some of the industries and applications in which galvanized or stainless steel models can meet specialized needs:

  • Chemical production and processing
  • Food and beverage
  • Harvesting
  • Waste water and sewage
  • Fisheries
  • Outside material handling

Specialized Dump Hoppers

Do you have a unique or demanding application that can benefit from increased safety and efficiency? Contact us today and a member of our sales or engineering team will show you how one of our specialized hoppers will solve your toughest operational issues.