With a carbon steel body and load capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, a self dumping trash hopper can be an integral tool in routine trash management projects. It is important to have a quality garbage hopper that can undergo regular wear and tear while remaining reliable in the long term. Learn more about how self dumping hopper manufacturers, including Roura Material Handling, can bring a new level of efficiency to your project.

Different Capacities, Different Hoppers

Our staff members and engineers at Roura recognize how different projects require different capability specifications. It is also important that no matter the project, the self dumping project is safe to handle by tool operators. That is why we offer four quality hopper designs that can be used when transferring waste and garbage during a project:

  1. The Durable hopper is suitable for lighter load projects requiring up to a 4,000 pound capacity.
  2. The Rugged hopper has an 8,000 pound load capacity and 5 cubic yard capacity.
  3. The Ultimate hopper is helpful for larger projects using up to 10,000 pound capacity.
  4. The Behemonth hopper has the largest potential volume capacity of up to 10 cubic yards.

The Best Hopper for You

It is important to select a garbage hopper that contributes to the overall efficiency of a work setting. When deciding between a Rugged or a Behemonth designed trash hopper, consider the type of material being transferred and how much material needs to be transferred in a single motion. If the debris from your project has a large volume but does not require the higher load capacity of the Behemonth hopper, consider customizing the capacities and dimensions garbage hopper.

At Roura Material Handling, our team of experienced staff and engineers are ready to provide a high quality self dumping trash hopper that meets the needs of your project. Use our online form to contact our team today about the role different types of trash hoppers can play in your project.