Handle your commercial and industrial materials efficiently with a Roura self-dumping steel hopper. As a leader in hopper design and manufacturing since the 1920’s, we offer a range of time-tested, dependable products for your industry. Streamline your material handling process without compromising workplace safety with one our steel hoppers.

Available Hopper Models

All steel hoppers are designed using our signature self-dumping hopper design. The materials used are suited to particular applications, but the overall dumping design and forklift operation allow you to navigate a range of material handling situations.

Compare galvanized and stainless steel hoppers to see if one of our standard or custom hoppers offers the signature performance you need. The specifications vary depending on your industry needs, but here are some basic specifications of our standard hopper line:

  • Volume capacity ranging from 1/8 cubic yard to 10 cubic yards
  • Load capacity ranging from 2,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds

Galvanized Self-Dumping Hopper

A hot dipped galvanized steel frame and hopper allow for excellent rust resistance and corrosion protection. Choose a galvanized hopper if you need to handle waste water, sewage or other materials that may rust other hoppers.

You can safely store these items or dry goods outside, knowing the galvanized exterior won’t be harmed by the elements. Ask about exterior labeling for hazardous material handling.

Always review the specifications of our material choice and your particular material. Even galvanized steel may not be appropriate for every chemical or waste product.

Discuss your material handling situation with our sales team to receive professional recommendations on the ideal steel choice.

Stainless Self-Dumping Hopper

Austenitic stainless steel offers similar flexibility and durability when it comes to corrosion resistance. A stainless self-dumping hopper is a competitive option for chemical, food and beverage, as well as other applications.

Review the specifications of our stainless steel hopper and hot dipped galvanized base to see how it can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture conditions and corrosive effects.

The specifications of stainless self-dumping hoppers vary depending on your need. We manufacture large and small hoppers to fit your industry and forklift load capacity, so discuss your product needs with our sales team for more information on available sizes.

Custom Steel Hoppers

Every hopper manufactured by Roura Material Handling is designed by our in-house team. This means we can engineer and manufacture custom hoppers to meet your specifications.

Work with our team to review the weight ratings, materials and dimensions of our hopper line to see if we have an item that fits your needs. If not, we’ll work with you to create a single custom hopper or a full line of products tailored specifically for your specific application.

self dumping steel hoppers

Recommended Self Dumping Steel Hoppers:

Convenient Accessories for Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers

Steel hoppers are resilient to corrosion and other damage, but a standard hopper may be missing a particular feature. Explore our available accessories to see how you can upgrade your existing hopper or receive a hopper with pre-installed additional components:

  • Plastic, steel and vinyl lids
  • Casters
  • Unique release systems
  • Safety chains
  • Replacement parts

Self-Dumping Hopper Operational Videos

All self-dumping hoppers require a standard forklift to operate. While we design our steel hopper range to include a number of safety features, they still pose safety risks if handled improperly. Thankfully, we offer a collection of operational videos to see first-hand hopper best practices.

Review how to load, secure, lift and dump hoppers with your team members before using a steel hopper from Roura. These convenient videos offer detailed instructions and clear video of proper self-dumping hopper handling.