What Is A Self-Dumping Hopper?

A self-dumping hopper is great because it makes the process of transporting and then dumping all kinds of material much easier. Simply put, it is a container that can discard its contents without an operator manually assisting it. It also makes this process more efficient and safer, as well. It is safer simply because of the fact that discarding such contents can sometimes prove dangerous to the operator. You can find a variety of different kinds of specialized hoppers. One variety that is quite popular is self dumping hoppers with wheels. A dump hopper with casters allows you to transport materials quite easily.

How to Install Casters on Your Self-Dumping Hopper

When you buy a self-dumping hopper with casters from Roura, these hoppers come with a total of four caster shoes. These caster shoes are welded onto the bottom of your self-dumping hopper. The first step is ensuring that you are close enough to the hardware that came with the hopper. After that, you should stand to the side of the hopper and slide the caster’s top plate into the caster shoe’s front lip. You should then hold the caster in the caster shoe and insert the carriage bolt into the caster shoe.

You should check to ensure that the carriage bolt’s square neck is inserted into the square hole that is in the caster shoe. This helps ensure that the bolt does not turn while you tighten the nut onto the bolt. You should make sure that you do not tighten the nut excessively. All you have to do at this point is to repeat this same process for all of the remaining casters.

What Types of Casters Does Roura Offer?

You can get a variety of casters for your self dumping hoppers with wheels. The first type of caster that you can get from Roura is a ductile iron wheel. This is the most popular caster Roura offers. Customers who have a dump hopper with casters like the ductile iron wheel because it is designed to be used on rough floors with debris and metal chips. The ductile iron wheel also rolls easily and it includes a crowned wheel face, so you can turn the wheel easily. If you get a 10-inch set of these casters, they can handle 8000-pound loads per set of wheels.

If you want a caster that will allow for quiet rolling, you might like the polyurethane wheel from Roura. This is a rolling wheel that rolls quietly and includes a molded-on polyurethane tread along with a steel core. This wheel is also non-marking, as well. It even resists the majority of solvents, grease, water, and oil. You can get this caster on models all the way up through the 680 model and the 8-inch wheels can handle 4-800-pound loads. You should also know that the 10-inch version of these wheels can handle a maximum capacity of 8000 pounds.

Who Invented the Self-Dumping Hopper?

A man named Joseph Roura thought of and developed self-dumping hoppers during the late 1920s. Dump hoppers from Roura include a 12-gauge and 10-gauge body made of steel. They hold up to a total of 4,000 pounds and feature capacities of up to a total of five cubic yards.

When it comes to the Rugged Hopper from Roura, it is a 3/16 inch plate dump hopper and it is made of steel, as well. The Rugged Hopper can hold up to 8000 pounds total. However, if you need a hopper even bigger than that, you can get our Behemoth hopper which has a 10,000-pound carrying capacity. The Behemoth hopper is also capable of holding 10 cubic yards, too.

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

The Roura hopper is used in a variety of industries for a variety of different purposes. Some of the industries that use the Roura Hopper are the glass, milling, mining, construction, and food processing industries. However, hoppers from this material handling equipment supplier are also used in foundries and in the solid waste management industry, too.