Durable and dependable equipment is hard to find in the material handling industry. If you’re struggling to find the machinery you need to keep your business moving forward efficiently, you need to contact Roura Material Handling. Few self-dumping hopper manufacturers can compare with the excellent line of cost-effective and time-saving equipment you’ll find at Roura.

Designed With Your Company in Mind

Since 1915, Roura has been manufacturing industry-leading products to help make your material handling business more productive, streamlined and profitable. If you aren’t sure how these hoppers compare to other forklift accessory brands, here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you choose these self-dumping hoppers:

  • Durable: While hoppers come in a variety of materials, each one is specifically designed to handle dents, dings and large loads. From hot to cold, you can carry almost any material in these tough hoppers.
  • Long Lasting: With over 100 years of successful operation, Roura has the materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure your equipment is built to last.
  • Innovative: There’s plenty of industries that can benefit from the diverse line of hoppers, from food processing to manufacturing industries.
  • Customizable: Can’t find the hopper you need? Discover how you can use a custom self-dumping hopper to achieve the productivity goals you need to help your business thrive.

Dump Hopper Manufacturers

Take a look at the extensive catalog of hoppers available and determine which model is right for your business. Many industries can benefit from a spacious, durable self-dumping hopper. Save time and money by contacting Roura Material Handling to design a custom hopper to your exact specifications.

Whether you need a single hopper for a small business or an extensive line for your corporation, you’ll find the manufacturing expertise and friendly customer service you need. Enjoy innovative, durable and long-lasting hoppers customized to fit your industry and your finances.

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