The right equipment is an important key to effectively managing your company’s material handling operations. Part of your job is to ensure that those operations stay safe, sanitary, efficient and cost-effective. Whether you’re handling raw organic materials or food waste, it’s important to provide dependable protection from moisture, pests, wild animals, contamination and other hazards.

self dumping hopper cover

Fortunately, Roura Material Handling has the ideal solution. We offer a wide range of covered self dumping hoppers, guaranteed to deliver rock-solid performance and protection.

Durable, Forklift-Ready Solutions

Looking for a self dumping hopper cover? Our plastic lid hoppers have a lot to offer: durability, ease of transport, simple operation, safety and of course, cargo protection. Like many of our other self-dumper models, these hoppers are the strongest in their class. Each dumper is crafted with a 7-gauge thick steel body and continuous weld, resulting in a super-strong construction and rugged performance throughout the product’s lifespan.

Our hoppers are also hand-welded through our unique innershield process, resulting in an extremely hot weld for improved weld penetration and strength. We enhance its durability further by incorporating a formed top with a reinforced body front angle.

Each hopper is built tough to meet the demands of your operations, but it also comes with several great features. Its self dumping hopper cover is crafted from sturdy and lightweight plastic, equipped with drip channels that conduct water away from the materials inside the hopper. Its contents also stay protected during transport, thanks to a ductile iron lift up handle with secure flip latch. Its open-channel Z-bar base includes extruded trunnion track and taper pins, providing forklift transport capability and wear resistance.

Putting Safety First

Roura’s plastic lid hoppers with their self dumping hopper cover offer strength, durability and convenience, but they’re also safe and efficient thanks to two key innovations. We developed a Mechanical Hopper Release system that allows forklift operators to dump materials without leaving the vehicle.

A retractable pull handle attached to the forklift’s guard frame activates a pulley-driven mechanism, rotating the hopper forward and releasing its contents. Your workers never need to come in contact with the hopper’s contents. When customizing your hopper, you can choose the left-handed or right-handed version.

As an alternative, we offer a few different handle systems ideal for using a hopper at elevated dumping height. The pull-down system allows you to pull a cable while standing on the ground, dumping the contents while at a safe distance from the hopper. Our auto-latch version remains locked until you’re ready to dump, keeping your materials securely inside until you’re ready to dump.

Several Size and Capacity Options

At Roura Material Handling, our prime goal is crafting products to meet our customer’s material handling needs. Our plastic lid self-dumping hoppers come in 12 different versions, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your operations. Choose from load capacities of either 4,000 or 6,000 pounds, as well as six volume capacity options:

  • ½ cubic yard
  • ¾ cubic yard
  • 1 cubic yard
  • 1 ½ cubic yards
  • 2 cubic yards
  • 2 ½ cubic yards

Our hoppers’ dimensions increase as volume and load capacities go up. Our smallest model measures 57 inches long by 34 ½ inches wide by 36 ½ inches high, while our largest hopper measures 65L x 76 ½W x 49H inches. In addition to these capacities, we can also modify an existing hopper or engineer a custom edition that meets your requirements.

America’s Material Handling Professionals

You’ve seen what Roura’s plastic lid hoppers can do for your materials handling processes. We’d love to help you achieve your safety, productivity and cost reduction goals. Learn more about our products or request a custom-tailored solution by completing our contact form. You can also call our Michigan headquarters at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi office at (800) 654-9147.