The Original Self Dumping Hopper

At Roura Material Handling, we’re the pioneers in standard, specialty and custom self-dumping hoppers designed meet the needs of any team or business.

Whether you want to process organic waste, dispose of concrete or manage recyclables, we can provide you with a product that delivers peak performance in any environment.

Standard Self-Dumping Hoppers

We offer four standard lines of self dumping hoppers — Durable, Rugged, Ultimate and Behemoth — to help you tackle any size job. With load capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds and volume capacities up to 6 cubic yards, Roura hoppers can help you manage lightweight to extra heavy material handling with ease.

Every Roura hopper is crafted from continuously welded 12-gauge carbon steel for unparalleled strength and durability. Each hopper line can be customized with options such as handle systems, caster and wheel sets, covers, bases and colors.

Specialty Self-Dumping Hoppers

In addition to our standard dump hoppers, we engineer specialty lines with varying load and volume capacities to meet specific material handling needs. Our specialty hoppers and their most frequent applications are listed below:

  • 90-degree dump: Metal chips, sawdust, shavings and turnings
  • Dewatering: Aggregate, pulp, waste and water
  • Dross: Hot material handling such as hot forgings and hot glass
  • Galvanized steel: Outdoor material handling such as fishery, harvest, sewage and waste water
  • Lined: Any material handling application in need of a protective coating
  • Open-side: Construction material, extruded product, lumber, metal pipe, plastic, shears drop and tubing
  • Recycling: Aluminum cans, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, paper and other recyclables
  • Stainless steel: Beverage, chemical, food and harvest waste

Custom Hoppers

We’ll gladly work with you to alter a standard hopper design or build a custom hopper that meets your exact requirements and specifications. Submit your ideal product description to us online or call our sales team to talk in detail about your project. We’ll prepare a quote and help you take next steps toward creating your perfect hopper.

Contact Our Sales Team Today

We’re eager to help you find the material handling solution that’s right for you. Contact Roura Michigan at 586-790-6100 or Roura Mississippi at 662-252-1421 today for additional details about Roura hoppers.