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Slide Bolt Latch

Slide Bolt

Provide a secondary security system for your self-dumping hopper with a slide bolt hopper latch. In this operational video, you’ll see how this convenient system works and how to use it to offer an additional layer of protection while operating your Roura Material Handling self-dumping hopper. Be sure to follow the steps in this video…

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Mast-Secure Chain

Secure Chain

If you are new to using a Roura self-dumping hopper, you can look forward to a safer and more organized workplace and increased efficiency. Our hoppers are investments in the long-term success of your business. We build them strong to last for years to come. It is important, though, for you to understand the safest…

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Auto Latch Handles

Auto Latch

This video shows how the Roura Material Handling Auto-Latch Handle can save your team time, increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents. See how easy it is for operators to secure and release self-dumping hoppers with a state-of-the-art auto-latch hopper handle that features pull springs for maximum stability. Watch the streamlined process in action…

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Trip Lever Handles

Trip Levers

Curious about the strongest trip levers in the material handling industry? Find out more about the Roura Material Handling standard style trip lever hopper handle in this operational video. Explore handle options, the history of our handles and find out what sets our handles apart before ordering one for your hopper. See how our handles…

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Mounting Casters


Since its inception in the 1920s, Roura Material Handling has been innovating ways to make life and work more convenient for our customers. While the self-dumping hopper was certainly a great start, we realized it needed more elements to increase its usefulness. Hence, our mounting casters. Roura hoppers come with four caster shoes welded to…

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Chip Tub Rotator

Chip Tub

Whether you have been using Roura’s chip tubs for awhile or have just discovered how convenient they are, we created this instructional video to make sure you know the safest way to handle, transport, and empty our chip tub. This procedure is easy using our advanced rotator box attachment on your forklift truck forks. This…

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Bottom Drop box

Bottom Drop Box

You may have heard of Roura self-dumping hoppers, but we also manufacture bottom-drop box hoppers that are just as easy to fill and empty as our top-load hoppers are. Our drop bottom box makes the most of your working area and is a great choice for small spaces. These boxes are as strong as our…

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