Why Hoppers Made With Metal Are Better Than Plastic Models

When selecting a self dumping hopper for your material handling needs you’ll discover that many manufacturers offer a choice of models constructed from either plastic or metal. Metal is your best option when your priority is safety and durability. A metal hopper is also much more versatile than a plastic model because it can handle both light and heavy loads.

The Advantages of a Metal Hopper

By selecting a metal self dumping hopper, you’ll be assured that applications with more demanding requirements can be safely accommodated. A metal or galvanized steel hopper won’t be damaged by contents such as hot ash or glass, concrete, chemicals or heavy construction waste. A reliable self dumping hopper can bring a significant improvement to your material handling operation and also represents a solid return on investment.

Some of the diverse materials that can be easily handled by metal hoppers include:

  • Construction debris and manufacturing refuse
  • Recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastics and bottles
  • Materials requiring safe handling, such as metal scraps, glass pieces and caustic chemicals
  • Minerals, sand, coal and other mining industry materials
  • Heavy loads, such as concrete, timber and dirt
  • Wet loads, such as water treatment waste and food processing materials

Why Roura Hoppers Are Your Best Bet

Our hoppers are made with 12- and 10-gauge carbon steel and each one is continuously welded. Hopper sections are constructed from reinforced 3/16-inch steel plate and we also make galvanized and stainless steel hopper models for specialized applications. With load capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds and a wide range of available options and accessories, you can be certain you’ll find a model that will meet your specific needs.

Contact Our Team Today To Learn More

Not sure of which of our many metal self dumping hopper models will work best for your operation? We’ll help you find out. Our application experts will listen carefully to what your operation is like and then make the best possible recommendation. We also design customized versions to meet highly individualized and unique needs. Contact us today to learn more or obtain a quote.

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