material handling safety

Workplace safety is critical to any industry, particularly if you’re working with material handling equipment. At Roura Material Handling, we take pride in our dependable equipment and commitment to safety.

Our material handling equipment training video series and equipment designs give you the resources you need to haul waste materials, store raw materials or clear up a jobsite with minimal safety risks. Explore our training content and best practices when using our hoppers to keep your company operating safely and efficiently.

Safety and Training

You may already have thorough safety training, but poor equipment can lead to serious industrial risks. Review our comprehensive offerings to see how you can improve the efficiency of your material and waste handling processes at your facility or on the jobsite.

Self-Dumping Hoppers

Roura self dumping hoppers, combined with material handling equipment training, offer you a safe way to organize your facility. Store recyclable materials, food waste, raw goods and other items in our durable steel hoppers.

When you’re ready to move or dump your hopper, simply use the attached forklift pockets and a standard forklift. Follow the instructions provided in our video training series for safe and successful operation of your Roura self-dumping hopper.

Dumping Solutions for Alternative Containers

Our traditional line of hoppers is suited for loose materials, but alternative containers require one of our rotator boxes. Order a drum rotator, rotator box or chip tub rotator that fits your material handling requirements. These unique items use the rotating feature of your forklift to conveniently pick up and dump specialized containers.

Safety Release Systems

An auto-latch or pull-down handle release system both offer more convenient ways to unload your hopper. Review our relevant material handling equipment training videos to see how you can use these systems to improve the efficiency of your operation. Some release systems offer more security in latching your hopper, while others allow forklift operators to unload the hopper without exiting their forklift.

Lids for Storage Containers

Prevent water and debris from contaminating or filling up your hopper with a storage lid. Plastic covers, tarps and steel covers are all available for a range of hopper dimensions. Be sure to use our material handling equipment training information for best practice on opening and closing your hopper as you prepare to move and empty it.

Training Video Series

material handling equipment training

Our operational video series is a great way to improve your material handling equipment training process. Inform your workers on best practice tips and techniques for using all of our equipment with these operational videos. The series can be watched sequentially or individually, depending on the equipment you use and the operational resources you need to add to your employee training.

Our operational video series is a great resource for construction companies, machining companies and food businesses. It shouldn’t replace your existing safety training, but can be a supplement that helps your forklift operators and other employees better understand the features of our hoppers. Here are just a few examples of the content of our video series.

Safe Hopper Use

We review best practice when operating Roura self-dumping hoppers. As part of your bulk material handling training, this content can be a helpful visual reminder and teaching tool. Send links to these free videos to all of your employees or show them as part of your training course.

Recommended Additional Safety Accessories

Do you need plastic lids, safety chains or trip lever latches? Our material handling equipment training series offers some advantages of choosing these accessories, as well as best practice in using them in your daily operations. Order hoppers with these accessories already installed or order them separately to upgrade your existing line of dependable material handling hoppers.