No two material handling setups are alike. Instead of one-size-fits-all products, you need specially crafted solutions to fit your operations. A forklift or hydraulic box dumper offers you the convenience of smoothly-controlled automated dumping. Not only that, these models eliminate the hassle and risks of injuries that come with hand dumping. With both versions, you gain improved safety and efficiency in your material handling processes while also lowering costs.

A Quick Overview of Hydraulic Box Dumpers

Forklift box dumper

Hydraulic box dumpers provide the ease and proficiency of dumping materials from crates, boxes and other varieties of closed containers. Each is designed for easy pallet truck loading and unloading, with a holding bar that can be adjusted to handle several different container heights. A durable super-strong welded-steel construction ensures a long lifetime of dependable use.

Our hydraulic box dumpers are available in many different load capacities and typically come coated in our bright safety green enamel paint. This equipment requires only simple operation, handling their contents while offering you several key benefits:

  • Each dumper comes equipped with powerful internal motors. Most models require only a 2 HP power unit to operate, with more powerful units available on larger capacity dumpers.
  • Hand-held controls attached to the unit by a long cord allow for operation from a safe distance, keeping your employees safe during the handling process.
  • Your hydraulic dumper smoothly raises, rotates, dumps its contents, and lowers. Lifting, dumping and lowering are fluid, with each part of the process completed in just a matter of seconds.

Forklift Box Dumpers: Versatile and Safe Dumping

When you need portable box dumping capabilities, a Roura forklift box dumper is your perfect solution. Constructed from all-welded steel, these self dumping hoppers are the strongest in their class. Manufactured to meet the same high standards for performance and durability as the rest of our hoppers, our forklift dumpers allow you to effortlessly transport and dump materials.

Each dumper is designed for quick mounting and smooth rotation, streamlining your operations to improve costs, productivity and safety in your facilities. Similar to our stationary hydraulic box tippers, the forklift-mounted editions rely on powerful controls to dump the bin’s contents through an efficient, fast and fluid tipping cycle. Tipping is completely and carefully controlled to ensure that contents are fully emptied from each container. This equipment dumps materials away from the lift truck, resulting in a cleaner dumping process.

Our forklift box dumpers are space-saving solutions, permitting forklift equipment to transport your already existing storage containers. They also come in several different load capacities to meet your handling needs and are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, agricultural and food production industries.

Custom Dumping Solutions

Our hydraulic and forklift box dumpers are just a couple of different potential material handling options for your enterprise. Besides our standard dimension and load capacities, we can design and deliver products to meet your unique needs. Just get in touch with us and our sales team will reach out to you to learn about your specific application.

Trust the Material Handling Experts

Roura Material Handling offers over 100 years of steel fabrication experience, consistently meeting strict quality standards and providing material handling solutions that deliver durability, safety and value. As a result, we’ve become the leading producer of material handling and dumping solutions, including self-dumping and specialty hoppers. We manufacture a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of clients in several different industries. We now operate two facilities in Michigan and Mississippi to better serve the needs of our clients all across the country. Contact us to get started or learn more by completing our online form. You can also call our Michigan office toll-free at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi location at (800) 654-9147.