You know your company’s refuse material handling better than anyone else. You’re aware of the unique equipment, process and safety requirements that come with waste handling. At Roura Material Handling, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your refuse handling efficiency, productivity and safety goals.

waste hopper

Roura offers a wide range of waste hopper models, with both prefabricated and customizable options. We’re happy to show you these products and help you select the self dumping hoppers that best meet the demands of your waste management operations.

Built to Handle Your Toughest Jobs

As the leading producer of self-dumping hoppers, Roura manufacturers more than 50 different models. Available in capacities between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds, these hoppers are fabricated with 12-gauge thick steel bodies. They’re also hand-welded using a unique innershield welding process, resulting in an extremely hot weld and superior strength.

On select waste hoppers, we reinforce critical weld areas with hidden corner supports under their top support angles. Thanks to these features, our hoppers are the strongest in their class. Our refuse and waste self-dumping hoppers also come with sturdy plastic lids that help cut down on odor, keep hopper contents dry and repel pests.

Personalized Products for Your Operations

While we have many waste hoppers from which to choose, we specifically recommend a few types for waste management applications. Two of these, the DRS-375-135 and the DRS-375-540, are dross self-dumping models with 6,000-pound and 10,000-pound capacities. The OS-24 is one of our open-side dumpers, offering a 4,000-pound capacity. Each dump hopper for waste products includes several key features:

  • High-class sliced and ejected trunnion passage with taper pins
  • Constructed from 3/16″ & 12-gauge carbon steel
  • Strong and lightweight molded plastic lids

As with the rest of our hoppers, these models also come with standard Roura features. Our mechanical hopper release system allows forklift operators to dump their contents while seated on their trucks. We offer multiple handle systems ideal use at elevated dumping heights.

Caster and wheel sets give you the ability to transport your hopper without a forklift. Most hopper models are coated with our standard green enamel finish, but you can also choose from safety red, yellow, orange and blue as well as brown, black, gray and white.

Custom Hopper Options

Besides the models we’ve suggested for waste management applications, we also provide custom material handling solutions. We can modify an existing hopper design or custom engineer a new hopper for your special applications. That includes our stainless steel self-dumping hopper, fabricated with an austenitic stainless steel body and a  hot-dipped galvanized mild steel base. If needed, we can also paint or epoxy-coat your hopper’s base.

Over 100 Years of Innovation

Roura has set the standard for high-quality steel products for more than 100 years. In our early years, we crafted and erected the steel that built many Detroit area buildings, bridges and landmarks. By World War II, Roura had created and begun manufacturing containers and self-dumping hoppers for national defense projects.

Relying on engineering expertise from crafting structural steel products, we literally invented the self-dumping hopper. This groundbreaking development revolutionized material handling in many different industries from construction and manufacturing to food processing and waste management. We continuously refine and improve our self-dumping hopper designs to provide the durability, functionality and safety that our clients have come to expect.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Roura’s self-dumping hoppers are the perfect solutions for safe, efficient and cost-effective waste material handling. To get your questions answered or request a custom-built hopper, fill out our convenient contact form. Don’t forget that you can also call us. Reach our Michigan headquarters at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi office at (800) 654-9147.