Explore our catalog of dumping hoppers or speak to our engineering team today to discover how you can increase efficiency and lower costs with the help of a heavy duty hopper.

Dependable Steel Construction

All our heavy duty hoppers use 10 and 12 gauge steel for dependable hauling power. 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch plate steel allows you to lift between 4,000 and 10,000 pounds of raw materials. These heavy-duty hoppers have spacious storage tanks for up to 10 cubic yards.

Even our largest products are designed to be safely used with a forklift, so you won’t have to invest in specialty equipment to handle your bulk materials.

Many of our heavy duty hoppers use our innovative self-dumping design with a wide, spacious opening. This makes it easy to load and unload your hopper. Check out our unique designs for other hauling capabilities. Whether you need a lid to secure your hopper or a specialized top for pouring in liquid, we’ll work with you to ensure a dependable design for your company’s needs.

heavy duty hoppers

Recommended Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers:

Common Hopper Applications

heavy duty self dumping hopper
Heavy duty hoppers are ideal for heavy construction materials such as scrap metal or concrete refuse. Whether your employees load your hopper by hand or with the help of equipment, it’s easy to see how an industry-leading hopper can reduce the time spent hauling refuse.

Industry-Leading Designs

As a leader in hopper design, Roura Material Handling has had decades to perfect the ideal heavy-duty hoppers for commercial use. Restaurants, commercial construction companies and manufacturing plants all rely on our durable hoppers.

Our unique sliced, ejected trunnion passage and taper pins create a safe and efficient dumping solution. The operator can remain safely seated in a forklift to lift, transport, dump and return any size hopper. Choose a compact option to navigate a busy shop floor or invest in a Behemoth hopper for unbeatable storage capacity.

Personalized Options

Invest in a hopper as unique as your company. Work with our team of engineers to create heavy-duty hoppers that fit your business plan. While we have a wide range of all-purpose and specialty hoppers and other products, we also offer custom solutions for unique challenges. Adjust the size, shape, material, lid and color of your hopper for a truly unique product. Don’t settle for a general option when you need a personalized product.

We also offer specialty accessories for your hopper. Look for a band cutter, casters, covers or alternative release systems for your extra-large hopper. These accessories allow you to safely store materials and to cut down hazardous metal banding directly into your hopper.

Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers

Find out why Roura material Handling leads the self-dumping hopper industry. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy-duty self-dumping hoppers or to order one for your company. We sell individual hoppers or we can handle bulk orders for your convenience. Organize your commercial job site or facility with Roura’s safe and efficient storage hoppers.