granite slab handling equipment

While granite is a highly durable material once installed, it’s actually quite fragile in its raw state. This is a real concern for companies that regularly carry granite, as they run the risk of losing massive amounts of money on a damaged stock if the material is handled carelessly. This is why granite slab handling equipment such as granite slab racks, A-Frames, and granite remnant racks are so essential.

Roura Material Handling provides smart material handling solutions that safeguard items while also making the storage process much more efficient. Our granite storage racks are designed to meet the needs of many diverse clients, from those with minimal storage requirements to those who regularly handle a large volume of granite. The following are just a few benefits of this innovative granite slab handling equipment.

Floor-Mounted Cleats

Even a well-designed rack is at risk of tipping over if not properly secured. This can be a real catastrophe, as all of the items being stored at the time will likely become quite damaged or even destroyed should the rack fall over while fully stocked.

Granite slab racks anticipate this unfortunate occurrence by offering floor-mounted cleats. Cleats are easily fastened to the floor, which keeps the rack in place when filled to capacity.

Weather Protection

If you store granite outdoors, you want to ensure your rack is well-protected from the elements. Over time, moisture will do a real number on your rack, which can leave you in search of a replacement if the equipment is compromised by rust formation.

Enamel paint is the perfect solution for weather protection thanks to its alkyd resin base. This prevents damage caused by precipitation as well as fluctuations in temperature, which can also impact equipment placed outside.

Variable Post Capacities

Because not all clients will work with the same volume of granite, having a few different options to choose from is essential. In this case, there are four different racks capable of handling four different material loads. RSR-78 holds 12 posts, RSR-106 holds 16 posts, and RSR-135 holds 20 posts. RSR-135-EH19 also holds 20 posts but includes 19 post holes in each rail. Additionally, storage racks can be bolted together. This allows you to expand on your equipment as needed.

Protective Caps

Along with possible cracks and chips in granite, you also want to safeguard against scratches. Consider that most granite slabs will be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. That means the material must remain pristine until it’s actually placed within the home, otherwise its look and functionality will be compromised.

This is the exact reason why all racks are fitted with protective white caps. Caps keep sharp metallic edges from coming into contact with the material. They also make for more efficient storage and removal process, since workers won’t have to use the extreme level of care necessary when handling this material on a regular basis.

Mortise and Tenon Welded Joint

Mortise and tenon joints have been used in one capacity or another for thousands of years. The design is exceeding simple; the mortise side features a depression, into which the tongue of the tenon is fitted. Despite its simple construction, this joint is quite durable, which is crucial when storing heavy materials like granite or other types of stone.

Because these joints are double-layered, you can rest assured that the base rails will remain intact when holding your precious materials.

Compare Material Handling Products

Whether you’re looking for a space-saving device for a few sheets of granite and slab or you need a complete storage solution for your production facility, Roura Material Handling has the solution for your company.

A-Frame Storage

A-frames provide front and rear storage options for marble, granite or stone slabs and are convenient way to store several sheets. Our innovative designs and welded joints allow you to hold up to 12,000 pounds on each side of the frame. For facilities where space is an issue you may want to consider looking into one of our more compact single-sided A-frames.

Slab Racks

Roura offers a wide range of slab racks that have variable post capacities, protective caps, weather protection and other options including floor-mounted cleats which may be required for long-lasting storage solutions.

One of the benefits our our slab racks is that they are highly customizable, allowing you can choose from a variety of options based on the specific requirements of your project.

Remnant Racks

Cutting down granite and marble slabs for countertops results in a lot of remnants which can quickly clutter your space. Roura’s remnant racks provide a simple solution to this common problem.

Our remnant racks are fully adjustable and can easily accommodate shorter or narrower portions of slabs. Organize them by material and roughly by size to keep them accessible for other projects that don’t require a full slab.

Similar to a full granite storage rack, a remnant rack is durable, customizable and easy to navigate. Don’t waste time stacking or improperly storing your remnants, or you may damage pieces of granite and marble that would otherwise be ready for a new project.

Backsplash Rack Addition

This useful set of brackets attaches to your existing rack and gives you convenient storage space for your lengths of pre-cut backsplash material.

Having easily accessible and organized pre-cut backsplash material will not only make for a safer and less cluttered workspace, but also allows you to increase the efficiency of your production efforts.

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Let Roura help you store and organize your granite and stone materials with the addition of a granite a-frame or customizable slab rack. As a leader in the material handling industry for over 100 years we have maintained a reputation focused on meeting our customers’ needs with safety, durability, quality and value as our top priorities.