Forklift Dumpster

When examining your enterprise’s material handling processes, you’re naturally concerned about several things. Safety is always a key issue, especially when your workers are operating equipment or transporting materials.

You also consider your costs in terms of equipment, labor and efficiency. With these factors, material handling in your daily operations can require flexible solutions. Roura’s forklift dumpster hopper gives you the options you need, improving your operations while reducing expenses and the potential for injury.

Efficient, Versatile and Safe

Hoppers equipped with casters give you mobility and utility to transport materials, but a forklift dumpster hopper is also an essential tool in your operations. Roura’s forklift dumpsters allow you to transport heavier loads and hazardous materials while minimizing your workers’ risk of injury.

Many of our existing self dumping hoppers already have built-in forklift capabilities. Their designs include forklift slots in their bases, allowing you to switch from manual to forklift-aided transport without switching hoppers. Standard fork entry bases are typically available on dumpers with capacities of 6,000 pounds or less. They are included at no additional charge for several classes of self-dumping hoppers:

  • Durable: 2,000 to 4,000 pounds capacity
  • Rugged: 4,000 to 6,000 pounds capacity
  • Plastic Lid: 4,000 to 6,000 pounds capacity
  • Recycling: available in 2,000-pound capacities
  • Open-side: 4,000 to 6,000 pound capacity

Mechanical Hopper Release Systems

Many of our forklift dumpster models also come standard with our innovative Mechanical Hopper Release system. After loading the hopper onto the forklift and positions the MHR’s adjustable pulley rail, the operator simply elevates the hopper to a safe height and uses the retractable pull handle to release its contents.

Our Mechanical Hopper Release system allows forklift drivers to remain on the truck during the dumping process. Your workers can dump each hopper’s contents without coming in contact with the materials inside. Since they’re a safe distance from the materials, there’s a much smaller risk of injuries from dumping. The MHR system can be configured for left-handed or right-handed operation.

Customizable Dumping Solutions

With so many forklift dumpster models, you have a variety of options for moving heavy materials in your operations. Not only that, we offer a wide range of additional features to help make your material handling safer and more efficient.

The MHR system and fork entry base are standard on most models, but you can also choose from watertight steel, vinyl tarp and mesh tarp covers on many kinds of hoppers. Other available enhancements include drain plugs, base-to-body chains, base legs and crane eyes. Your forklift dumpster hopper comes in our standard green enamel finish, but you can also select safety red, yellow, blue or orange as well as black, gray, brown or white.

In addition to individual features on each hopper, Roura also offers custom-designed hoppers to meet specific application requirements. We can modify an existing hopper model or engineer a unique hopper based on what you need in your operations environment.

Your Material Handling Solution

Roura Material Handling is the leading manufacturer of self-dumping hoppers in the United States. That’s not surprising, given that we designed and created the self-dumping hopper. In the 1940s, our company put the engineering expertise used for making structural steel to work in superior-quality material handling solutions.

Today, you’ll find our hoppers at work in several industries: waste management, manufacturing, agriculture, food processing and construction, just to name a few. We’ve helped businesses like yours save time, money and labor for decades, and we’d love to deliver the quality, value and durability your operations demand.

Learn more or request a custom design by completing our contact form. You can also phone our Michigan offices at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi offices at (800) 654-9147.