A Self Dumping Forklift Hopper Saves Time and Prevents Injuries

A self dumping hopper will automatically settle back into a secure and locked position after its contents have been unloaded. This does more than streamline your material handling operation, it also helps to prevent worker injuries. When you add a forklift to the operation, you’ll have less concerns over your workers moving heavily loaded hoppers on their own. Roura self-dumping forklift hoppers come in four standard model families that provide load capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. We also offer three release system options that add a greater degree of safety to your material handling operation.

We understand that many material handling operations have unique and highly specialized needs. That’s why our engineering team is ready to either custom design your forklift dump hopper or modify an existing model if your individual requirements demand it.


Release System Options for Increased Safety

 Roura hoppers are available with options for safer and more efficient release and dumping operations:

  • Mechanical Hopper Release (MHR) System: This new and innovative Roura-designed system enables your material handlers to dump the contents of a hopper without leaving their forklift seat. This is an ideal way to equip your operation with a safe and effective method of dealing with large and heavy amounts of bulk material and waste.
  • Pull-Down Handle System: The operator can stand on the ground at a safe distance while dumping the contents of a hopper from an elevated height. A ruggedly built cable system initiates the release and remains safely stored on the hopper back wall when filled.
  • Auto-Latch Handle: An automatically secure handle feature fully engages the hopper to its base until it’s tilted to dump its contents. Our exclusive design minimizes the number of parts and reduces the number of potential pinch points.


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