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Self dumping hoppers are dependable items used in industrial processing and manufacturing facilities around the globe. Explore the history of Roura Material Handling to see how the original hoppers were manufactured. Work with a leader among dump hopper suppliers for dependable hoppers, custom solutions and a lifelong commitment to quality.

The Original Dump Hopper Manufacturer

Roura Iron Works was founded in 1915 by Joseph Roura. After studying at Carnegie Technical Institute, Joseph Roura used his engineering expertise to found a structural steel business. This business helped construct iconic buildings and railroads throughout Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding area.

After a few years of successful steel engineering, Roura turned to steel box construction. These sturdy boxes used the same structural steel found in buildings and bridges. A basic box was later altered to create the very first self dumping hopper.

This design became so popular that, in the 1940’s, the company became Roura Material Handling to focus on self dumping hoppers, stone slab storage racks and other material handling solutions.

Manufacturing and Supplying Quality Hoppers

The company has continued to grow throughout the years. There are now over 60 models available from the Mississippi or Michigan facilities. One part of what makes Roura unique is that we are both the manufacturer and supplier of these iconic hoppers. If you have any questions about the design or manufacturing process, you can speak directly with the team that created the product.

This allows us to keep our costs low and offer dynamic hopper options. Whether you’re looking for an entire fleet of new material handling solutions or you need a single, custom option, it’s essential to work directly with the manufacturer for easy and efficient ordering.

These hoppers are being used in diverse industries across the country. Here are just a few examples of industries that use self dumping hoppers:

  • Construction
  • Food processing
  • Mining and Milling
  • Glass
  • Foundry
  • Waste management
  • Agricultural and food production
dump hopper suppliers

Dependable Materials and Designs

While there are a diverse range of hopper sizes and designs, most operate on the same basic principles. They use a durable, extruded trunnion track and taper pins to tip a reinforced container. This allows a forklift to move, lift and then dump a container full of any products or refuse at your facility.

Use a hopper to haul food scraps, construction waste, gravel, raw work materials and other items. These hoppers use 1/4-inch hot rolled steel for superior strength and structural design. A 5/16-inch steel base prevents warping and compromised performance as your hopper handles heavy loads around your job site or production facility.

The welding process adds to the overall superiority of design that we’re proud of at Roura Material Handling. We use innershield welding and hidden support corners, which improve the strength of all sizes of hoppers. Generous three-inch forklift channels make it easy to safely pick up and move our hoppers.

Dynamic Hopper Types

When you choose a Roura hopper, you don’t have to settle with a generic design or wait for a custom process. Our wide range of in-stock hoppers are created to handle daily tasks and storage needs in industrial facilities and construction zones around the country. Here are some common types of hoppers you can choose from:

  • Standard self dumping hoppers
  • Plastic lid hoppers
  • Dewatering hoppers
  • Stainless steel hoppers
  • Rotator boxes

Our standard hoppers come in a number of sizes to adjust the load capacity and volume of your hopper, depending on your application. The most compact Roura hoppers hold up to 1/8 of a cubic yard and 4,000 pounds. On the other end of the spectrum, a Behemoth hopper can carry a massic 10 cubic yards and 10,000 pounds of debris.

A plastic lid hopper is a popular option for outdoor storage or for refuse. Keep your facility free from odors and keep rainwater away from your stored items with a reliable plastic lid. Rain channels promote safe runoff and a latch allows you to keep the lid open and out of the way when you’re dumping your hopper.

Dewatering hoppers don’t prevent rain from coming in contact with your materials, but the perforated bodies allow you to store pulp and aggregate while safely draining any moisture. This prevents rainwater to collect and weigh down your hopper. It’s also a great way to wash off your aggregate before taking it to the job site.

Stainless steel hoppers use the same reliable design, but with an austenitic stainless steel body. A hot dipped galvanized steel base protects your hopper from chemical reactions, corrosion and rust. Whether you have corrosive contents or are planning on storing your hopper outdoors, consider a stainless hopper for your application.

Finally, rotator boxes make it easy to dump corrugated cardboard boxes. If you use corrugated boxes to collect recycling, empty containers or other refuse, a rotator box allows you to safely tip these boxes into a larger dumpster or recycling station.

Simply haul the corrugated box to the rotator box with your forklift. Place it in the Roura Gaylord rotator and pick up the entire rotator with the forklift, after safely disconnecting the forklift and securing the box. The horizontal channels give you a safe way to lift and dump the box.

Custom Hopper Solutions

These diverse hoppers have offered innovative solutions for all types of industries. However, there may still be gaps in this lineup. If you need a custom size dump hopper to fit your facility, or if you have a few design ideas to make it easier to handle your particular items, work with our design team.

At Roura Material Handling, we’re capable of creating a custom hopper to fit your needs. Don’t settle for a generic when a state-of-the-art hopper can be made to your exact specifications. Discuss the design features you wish to implement and work with a designer before agreeing to a finalized product.

Available Accessories

All of our hoppers can be upgraded to fit your needs. Here are just a few additional accessories that can help you make the most of your self dumping hopper:

  • Release systems
  • Casters
  • Bases
  • Vinyl covers
  • New colors
  • Band cutters
  • Replacement parts

Upgraded release systems allow your forklift operators to safely dump debris without exiting the forklift. This reduces the risk of injury or a rolling, unoperated forklift. Casters help you haul heavy loads by rolling the hopper, rather than lifting it completely off the ground. This eases the weight on the forklift tines. For tall hoppers, casters can also improve the stability of your hopper.

A new base is a great way to customize your existing hopper. Alter the fork channels on your hopper without ordering a new, custom design. These bases use the same dependable structure as our original bases, so you can be confident in a long-lasting tool.

Add a cover to your hopper to temporarily protect your raw materials. A vinyl cover or tarp is a temporary solution. If you need long-term coverage, consider a plastic lid hopper.

Alter the color of your hopper, add a convenient band cutter or replace damaged parts with our helpful accessories. Roura Material Handling is a leader among self dumping hopper manufacturers, so we have the convenient accessories and personal touches to help you make your hopper your own.