A self dumping hopper is a powerful tool to have in projects that require lifting and dropping heavy material loads. Roura Material Handling is proud to offer a wide range of designs for self dumping hoppers constructed out of 10 and 12 gauge carbon steel. Whether you are lifting wet materials or transferring bulky loads, a custom self dumping hopper ensures the project is equipped with an efficient and effective tool. Learn more about the hoppers offered by Roura and how to customize a self dumping hopper.

Types of Hoppers

Each project requires a different combination of engineering and design techniques. For example, efficiently transferring pulp requires a different system than transferring long, woody debris, and different tasks may require different load capacities. Our knowledgeable team at Roura is aware of this, and is proud to offer a range of self dumping hopper designs, including the following:

  • Forklift hoppers: Specifically designed for projects requiring daily material transfer with a forklift  
  • Dewatering hoppers: Intended for projects that require draining liquids after lifting materials
  • Open Side hoppers: Designed for transferring bulky and exceptionally long materials

Why Customize a Self-Dumping Hopper

Different projects, such as waste and scrap material transfers, require hoppers with different specifications. Roura hoppers have a load capacity ranging 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, with various volume capacity and dimension options. These three categories of load, volume and dimension can be customized to fit your project requirements. Simply describe the project and begin working with a Roura engineer to determine which specifications suit your needs.

Along with dimensions and capacities, customers can also select between different release systems and the final color of the hopper. Upon completion, your project can benefit from customized self dumping hoppers because they are reliable and efficient tools created to meet a specific purpose. Contact our Roura Material Handling team online today to learn more about hoppers and to discuss custom self dumping hopper specifications.

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