heavy duty hoppers

When you’re choosing material handling solutions, you need equipment durable, heavy-duty equipment. It must also match up to the materials you’re transporting, outfitted with features that make handling safer, more efficient and cost-effective.

Shopping for your dump hopper for concrete can feel a little overwhelming, but our quick guide to concrete hoppers can help. Keep reading for a basic overview of concrete hoppers: sizes, function, features and more.

Concrete Hopper Applications

Besides concrete, the Behemoth self dumping hopper can transport a wide variety of materials: forgings, castings, hot ash, glass, construction materials, heavy minerals, demolition scrap and shipyard waste.

How Are Concrete Hoppers Made?

We exceed industry standards in manufacturing our hoppers, as you’ll see from a quick rundown of the Behemoth’s specs:

  • Continuous welded bodies
  • Thick hot rolled 3/16-inch and ¼-inch steel
  • Our strongest heavy-duty box tube bases
  • Pierced and extruded trunnion tracks with taper pins

Our strength-focused construction also includes two bottom support channels plus three rows of side and back angles for reinforcement. We also integrate base to body chains and a continuous stop bar for additional fortification.

How Do Concrete Hoppers Dump Their Contents?

Behemoth hoppers come equipped with extended auto-latch release handles in both left-handed and right-handed versions. This allows safe and efficient dumping by locking the handle firmly in place. To engage the dumping mechanism, you must manually pull up the release handle. Its streamlined design and internal stop pin cut down on the number of moving parts and pinch points. Dumping is fluid, easy and much safer. Check out our quick demonstration to see how the auto-latch release handle works.

What Other Hopper Features Are Available?

Customizing your concrete hopper is simple, thanks to our wide range of other features. For our Behemoth models, we offer both vinyl tarp and mesh tarp covers. Both versions feature a fitted front with a bungee cord fastener in the rear. Mesh tarp covers keep material from falling out of the hopper, while vinyl covers add waterproof protection while complying with rainwater runoff environmental regulations.

You can also fine-tune your concrete hopper with additional options. Add four crane eyes with two base-to-body chains for added safety and durability when lifting your hopper with a crane. Equip your hopper with base legs lets you use pallet jacks or add a one-inch drain with plug. You’ve probably seen our hoppers in our standard Roura green enamel finish, but you can customize yours with other colors. Choose safety orange, blue, red or yellow or select from other colors like brown, gray, black or white.

You’ve got many customization possibilities, but keep in mind you aren’t limited to these features. We can create a customer concrete hopper for your operations. Our engineers can modify an existing hopper design or custom-craft a brand-new product according to your specs and needs.

Your Material Handling Pros for Over 100 Years

When Joseph Roura developed the self-dumping hopper, his invention revolutionized materials transport and storage as we know it today. Roura Material Handling continually creates innovative solutions that improve safety, efficiency and quality while improving cost savings.

Clients from construction, mining, milling, food processing, waste management, woodworking, manufacturing, agriculture and other industries have put our cutting-edge solutions to use. Order your concrete hopper through our online forms or complete our contact form to get in touch with our sales staff.