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Discover the ideal bulk material storage solution for your industry. At Roura Material Handling, we offer rugged and reliable storage hopper designs for your material handling needs. Learn more about our innovative designs and customizable features today and find out how you can order your own self dumping hoppers to streamline your storage and material handling process.

Rugged Storage Solutions

Roura self-dumping hoppers come in a range of sizes. Here are some of the dynamic features you can enjoy when you select one of our bulk material handling hoppers:

  • 1/8th to 10 cubic yards of volume capacity
  • 2,000 to 10,000 pounds of load capacity
  • 10 to 12 gauge carbon steel

Your new hopper can safely support extreme loads for long-term storage or rapid handling. Thanks to our innovative self-dumping design, a forklift can easily lift, maneuver and dump your bulk material. Whether you’re handling scrap, food waste, recycling or raw materials for your manufacturing process, Roura has a hopper for you.

Once you purchase a standard self-dumping hopper, our additional parts and accessories increase the versatility of your durable storage solution. Choose a safe release system that can be operated by a forklift operator, or pick up reliable casters. Hopper casters allow you to safely move a hopper independent of a forklift or allow a forklift to easily wheel a heavy load across your shop floor.

Versatile Designs for Bulk Material Handling

Our time-tested self-dumping hoppers can handle a wide variety of loads. However, your company may require a more specialized option. For unique material handling and storage situations, select a specialty self-dumping hopper for improved efficiency, safety and reliability.

Haul hazardous waste safely, enjoy convenient dewatering or prevent spills with a hopper with a skid-resistant surface. Specialty hoppers are made with the same durable carbon steel and 100% continuous welded body of our standard hoppers, so you can confidently haul heavy loads and take on tough projects.

Typical Hopper Applications

One of the biggest advantages of a Roura self-dumping hopper is the diverse range of projects you can tackle with a typical hopper design. With little or no alterations, your hopper can be used in these applications:

  • Recycling
  • Glass storage
  • Waste storage and handling
  • Construction site scrap handling
  • Concrete storage
  • Trash handling
  • Food processing storage and handling

For a manufacturing small business, a single hopper can fulfill a variety of storage and material handling roles at once. Invest in equipment that serves multiple uses with rugged durability and convenient flexibility.

Large manufacturing and production facilities can create more specialized hopper options that serve a single purpose. When you invest in separate hoppers for each storage and handling requirement, you can select accessories and hopper designs that create a streamlined process to increase your bottom line.

Portable Storage Hopper Solutions

In addition to the applications we mentioned above, our bulk hopper is also a cost-effective temporary storage solution for any company managing multiple job sites, manufacturing locations, remote facilities, distribution centers, or warehouses.

Our Ultimate rotator box and Rugged self-dumping hopper are fully customizable based on your unique application and stackable, making them a safer and more efficient solution when compared to totes and Gaylord boxes. Please note that we recommend only stacking up to three boxes high.

Custom Options for a Variety of Industries

In extreme cases, you may not find a standard or specialty hopper that fits your requirements. Whether you have an exact size specification, particular lid type or another requirement that doesn’t fit any of our versatile hopper options, order a custom self-dumping hopper from our production team.

Our in-house engineers and fabrication specialists can create a hopper for almost any occasion. Whether you have precision specifications already drawn up or you wish to discuss your hopper requirements with a skilled engineer, start a conversation with us today.

Order Your Hopper Today

Streamline your industrial storage and bulk material handling processes today with the latest hopper designs by Roura Material Handling. For more information about our bulk material handling hopper options, or to create a custom hopper for your company, contact us online or call us at 586.790.6100. Discover quality products from a leader in hopper designs and steel fabrication.