With all the dangers already present on a job site, a band cutter on your self dumping hoppers can help keep your area safe and clear of debris. Discover some of the great benefits of using a band cutter for your Roura Material Handling hopper today.

Clear Your Work Area

Banding can quickly pile up in a construction site. All this debris, whether plastic or steel, can be cumbersome to dispose of. It’s easy for banding to uncoil out of your rotator box or dumpster, which can be inconvenient, dangerous and be difficult to prevent.

A band cutter can make quick work of banding while preventing workers from cutting up banding by hand. Cutting banding by hand can quickly lead to scrapes, scuffs, deep cuts or even eye injuries. Keep your workers safe and productive with a band cutter attachment.

Stay Safe Around Banding

Be sure everyone on the job site is properly handling banding. It may seem simple to remove banding from an area, but it can easily lead to minor injuries. Gloves and safety glasses should be worn at minimum when handling any steel or plastic banding.

To use your banding cutter, simply attach it to any of our rotator boxes or hoppers. A scrap hopper is a great way to quickly collect all your scrap banding and other debris to be removed from the job site. Once you’ve attached the cutter, it’s simple to use and can be removed in between jobs. The handle is easy to grasp, and the cutting area is wide enough for any size banding you need to cut. After you cut the banding, it falls directly into your scrap hopper for time-saving convenience.

Remove Debris Quickly

Picking up trash at the end of a workday or project can be tedious and time consuming. Thanks to the banding cutter, you’ll be able to shave valuable time off your cleanup process. Combined with an appropriately sized self-dumping hopper, you’ll increase the efficiency of your crew easily.

It’s a great investment, whether you deal with occasional steel banding or if it’s a constant hassle on your job sites. While you still need to keep your safety in mind when using a band cutter and always be aware of your surroundings, this cutter can be a great way to increase the safety of band removal.

Long-Lasting Performance

Our band cutters aren’t an afterthought accessory for your hopper. These customized and innovative cutters are made specifically to be compatible with your Roura hopper or rotator box. The cutter is made of durable material and, with proper care, will keep you cleaning up banding more efficiently for years to come.

Just like our hoppers, we take pride in our work. With over 100 years of work in the industry, we know our stuff. Whether you’re cutting a few pieces at home on a light DIY project or taking on a mountain of scrap in a commercial construction site, our band cutter will give you the performance you need.

Excellent Addition to Any Hopper

Take a look at our extensive line of hoppers and rotator boxes to find one that fits your band cutting needs. Whether you’re using a band cutter for your existing box or purchasing a new box to use as your dedicated scrap hopper, we have plenty of options for your company. Once you’ve finished cutting the banding, a self-dumping hopper is a highly efficient and safe way to transport your scrap.

Contact Roura Material Handling

If you’re ready to learn more about Roura Material Handling and our band cutter, contact us today. Our experienced customer service team can match you with the right hoppers and accessories you need to keep the job site clear of debris and moving forward.