RDR-1D Drum Rotator and Barrel Lifter

Roura’s barrel lifters are made with reinforced steel, state-of-the-art welding, and an iconic coat of green paint. These lifters are capable of securing a 55-gallon drum and work with most forklift models to lift and rotate a barrel into your dumpster, self-dumping hopper, or other containers.


A barrel lifter by Roura Material handling weighs 510 pounds and is capable of lifting up to 6,000 pounds. Whether your barrel is full of steel scraps, sand, or liquid waste, you can be confident in the dependable lifting power of this rotator equipment.

The internal space is large enough to accommodate a 55-gallon barrel while still giving you plenty of room to navigate a drum grabber forklift attachment. If the specifications of our standard drum rotator don’t fit your application, work with our design team to create a custom rotator that fits your application.

  • Width (in.) 39″
  • Depth (in.) 35″
  • Height (in.) 59″
  • Weight (lbs.) 510
  • Load Capacity (lbs.) 6,000

Safety Features

Every drum lifter comes with accessories designed to keep a barrel secure and a forklift operator safe while using the lifter. Always follow manufacturer recommendations on safe use of a forklift. Don’t attempt to lift or transport a load not supported by your forklift.

Your lifter comes with a retaining chain designed to prevent a barrel from moving or falling during transportation. The sturdy chain has a quick-release latch for easy removal.

Roura drum lifters also have inside rails that can securely hold the top of the 55-gallon drum. These rails are easy to adjust to accommodate various drum dimensions. Once your application is complete, simply loosen the rails before removing the drum.

Safety features on a drum rotator aren’t meant to replace standard safety features on a forklift. Never attempt to perform an action not suitable for your forklift. Review the weight rating, inspect the forklift forks and follow all safety procedures as you or your team operates a forklift with a barrel rotator.

  • Retaining chain
  • Inner rails
barrel lifter

Recommended 55 Gallon Barrel Lifter:

Drum Lifter and Tilter

Your drum lifter and tilter is just as versatile as your 55 gallon drums. Whether you need to dump raw materials into a hopper for your manufacturing process or you need to empty barrels of food waste into a compost location, your drum lifter can take on a variety of commercial applications. Here are some common materials stored in drums and successfully lifted and dumped with a Roura barrel lifter.

Loose Parts

Metal components may be most efficiently stored in a drum. If your raw materials or finished products arrive in a metal drum, a Roura Material Handling lifter gives you the tools necessary to safely empty the barrel. Use caution when hauling heavy loads in a drum lifter. Improper use could result in serious injury, so review the operational video and other safety instructions before loading heavy barrels in your rotator.

Waste metal scraps are also easy to store in a drum. A drum is a compact alternative to a full dumpster or hopper. Once full, however, a drum can often be too heavy to safely or efficiently haul by hand. With 6,000 pounds of weight capacity, our barrel rotator has the hauling capacity you need for a 55 gallon drum full of metal scraps.

Food Products

Food products are frequently hauled, stored and disposed of in drums. Once your raw materials are dumped, our 55 gallon drum lifter makes it easy to reuse drums as refuse containers. Dump old oil and other food scraps in a barrel before securing it in our barrel lifter.

drum lifter and tilter