Whether shopping for the latest self dumping hoppers or already enjoying the many applications of your current hoppers, consider adding an attachment to create an even more versatile product. Hauling raw materials, moving inventory and removing garbage can become even more convenient thanks to this dynamic hopper attachments by Roura Material Handling.

Efficient Release Systems

While self dumping hoppers are certainly more convenient to dump than a traditional, solid dumper, there are a few attachments that can make it even more safe and efficient to release your hopper.

For tall loads, consider a pull-down handle system for elevated use. Dumping your hopper into a larger storage container or dumpster can be done with the simple pull of a handle while still seated in your forklift.

Other release systems, like the Mechanical Release System, are a tried-and-true way of safely dumping your hopper while staying seated.

Safe Manual Movement With Casters and Wheels

For days when your forklift is tied up with other projects, you need a more effective way to move your hopper. While you should always follow proper safety protocols when moving a self dumping hopper, additional wheels or casters can make it easier to roll a hopper around your shop floor, particularly if it’s empty.

Protect Your Materials With Lids and Tarps

Many companies use their self dumping hopper for quick trips and immediate dumps into a larger container or pile. However, if you’re planning on keeping materials in your hopper you should consider a tarp or lid.

Lids can turn your hopper into a recycling bin or dumpster. An easy-to-lift plastic lid shields the contents from the elements and helps keep the smell of your garbage at bay.

A tarp, on the other hand, is a great way to temporarily shield your materials from the elements. If you need aren’t finishing dumping by the end of the day, cover your self dumping hopper with a tarp in case of rain or snow storms overnight, over the weekend or all week. Choose either a vinyl or mesh tarp that is custom-fit to your specific hopper.

Clear the Jobsite Easily With a Band Cutter

Piles of banding are a frustrating reality for many job sites. Steel banding is particularly prevalent on major construction projects, but many businesses receive materials that are shipping with banding. All this scrap metal can quickly pile up on a job site and leave you feeling crowded.

Even worse, it’s typically difficult to remove without risking injury. If you struggle to find a quick and easy way to remove banding, take a look at an innovative band cutter. With this simple attachment, you’ll be able to easily cut banding to manageable lengths.

The cutter drops the scraps straight into your hopper, so you can easily pick it up and take it to your dumpster.

Personalize Your Hopper

The best part of choosing attachments from the source is that you also have the option of ordering customized parts for your unique situation. Ask about personalized attachments or custom orders to see if we can help you achieve the results you need. Or, shop for replacement parts to restore your hopper to full efficiency.

Because our hoppers are designed to work in a wide variety of situations and industries, you may find that your hopper needs a certain attachment or combination of attachments to get the job done more efficiently. Whether you need a special way to dump your hopper or you’re considering an alternative lid style, discuss your attachment needs with our expert staff at Roura Material Handling today.

Contact us today for more information or to set up an order for your self dumping hopper attachments.