Handling trash isn’t the most dignified job, but someone has to do it, right? Well, maybe not. A self-dumping trash hopper can handle the work for you, so you can save your time (and your back) for more important things. Some business owners have a difficult time deciding if the benefits of dump hoppers outweigh the costs. If you’re having trouble deciding if a trash hopper is right for your business, here are five benefits they offer that may change your perspective.

  1. Durability

The self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling is the most durable in its class, which means it will serve you well for many years. There’s no need to worry about the added expense of replacing your scrap hoppers or concrete hoppers every few years when you have ones that are known for their reliability. All Roura Material Handling hoppers are made from 3/16” and 12-gauge carbon steel. If you opt for a less-durable brand that’s made from cheaper materials, you may need to replace your hopper more frequently.

  1. Versatility

Our trash hoppers are designed to meet all your material handling requirements, including waste and recycling materials. They are commonly used for cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and in-plant refuse. Basically, if you have a material-handling need, our hoppers can meet that need. They come in both one and two cubic yard sizes, so you can choose the size that’s most appropriate for situation. You can also order custom designed hoppers that meet your preferences and requirements.

  1. Safety

A forklift dumpster is one of the safest ways to handle and discard materials. You won’t need to worry about back and neck injuries from employees attempting to handle waste manually. If there are fewer on-the-job injuries, you save money on workers’ compensation. You’ll also have an easier time attracting skilled employees if you do what you can to make the workplace a safe and comfortable environment.

  1. Increased Productivity

Using a self dumping hopper to discard of waste is a great way to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. It will also help you spend less on your operating expenses. Anything that helps you save money and maximize productivity should be placed high on your list of priorities.

  1. Minimal Odor

All of our trash hoppers are made with lightweight molded plastic lids. These lids are designed to keep moisture and pests out without making the hoppers too heavy. As a result of this convenient configuration, your waste will have less of an odor. You’ll also have a reduced likelihood of attracting pests to your location, since they won’t have easy access to your trash.

Find Your Perfect Hopper

Who doesn’t want to discard of waste materials in a safe, productive and affordable way? If you’ve been wondering whether or not a trash hopper is a good investment, hopefully these five benefits helped change your perspective. Browse through our inventory to find the right hopper for our needs, or request an obligation-free quote. You can also contact us through our online form with any questions you may have. A friendly representative will get back to you within one business day.