Material handling can be one of the most difficult and hazardous tasks that you do. When you need to handle materials safely and easily, you should purchase a 3-yard self-dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. Read on to find out more about our 3-cubic yard self-dumping hoppers.

Why Use Our Self-Dumping Hopper?

Our founder, Joseph Roura, invented the self-dumping hopper during the late 1920s in Detroit, MI. You can use a self-dumping hopper to conveniently transport, store, and dump a variety of materials. It’s also common to use a forklift along with a self-dumping hopper.

We offer self-dumping hoppers in various sizes, but our most popular size is our 3-yard model. If you have a specific application in mind, we can even help you custom-design your own model. Features you can customize include the MHR system, handle system, casters/wheels, covers, bases, and colors. We also offer options to include crane eyes, base legs, side bolt latches, and more.

Benefits of Our 3-Yard Self-Dumping Hopper

As previously mentioned, our most popular self-dumping hopper is our 3-yard option. One crucial benefit of our 3-yard self-dumping hopper is its durability. In fact, our 3-yard option is the most durable out of all the hoppers in its class. You can rely on our hopper to help you handle trash for quite a few years. This saves you money, too, since you don’t have to replace your hopper every few years.

Safety is another important benefit that you can enjoy with our self-dumping hopper. Employees can sometimes suffer from neck and back injuries if they manually handle trash; our dumpsters make it easy for you to safely discard and handle materials.

A 3-cubic yard self-dumping hopper from us can also help increase your productivity. Since you can discard waste much more quickly, you can instead focus on other tasks. Our hopper can also help you decrease your operating expenses.

Key Features

The 3-yard Roura hopper has a maximum carrying capacity of 4,000 pounds. Its body is made of strong 10-gauge thick steel and this steel is continuously welded, too. Our hopper also comes with a formed top that includes a reinforced front-body angle. Additionally, the hopper’s Z-bar base features taper bins as well as an exclusive extruded trunnion track so it can resist wearing more effectively.

The top features of our 3-yard hoppers include:

  • Z-bar base with taper bins and exclusive extruded trunnion track
  • Continuously welded 10-gauge thick steel body
  • Formed top with reinforced front-body angle
  • Standard Roura safety green paint

Common Uses for Our Self-Dumping Hopper

There are many applications for a self-dumping hopper, but they are most commonly used on construction sites, because they increase productivity. You can also use a hopper to feed and transport ingredients used in small-scale concrete mixing or mortar mixing.

Our 3-yard self-dumping hoppers can also be used in the food industry. Hoppers are great for restaurants, since food establishments have to constantly take care of trash. Incorporating a self-dumping hopper in your workplace, especially if you’re running a restaurant, can help you quickly discard trash.

If you run a big office, you can use our hoppers to ensure that work areas stay clean. Our 3-cubic yard self-dumping hoppers can also be used to store materials.

Design Your 3-Yard Self-Dumping Hopper Today

Are you looking for high-quality hoppers? Turn to Roura Material Handling. We designed our 3-yard self-dumping hoppers to help you increase productivity, improve safety, and streamline your materials handling process. If you have questions about our products, call (586) 265-2171. You can also visit us online to request a custom quote.