industrial hopper

Your industrial company requires dedicated storage and transportation for a range of materials. Whether you’re hauling away scrap or storing blanks and raw materials for your manufacturing line, learn how a quality industrial hopper can give you the all-in-one solution you need.

Select a Hopper Size and Design

A hopper is designed to safely store and conveniently move your materials around your plant. When you’re shopping for an effective hopper for your industry, compare different sizes and designs before you make your purchase. The most effective hoppers are compatible with forklift forks, allowing you to easily move them all your existing forklifts. Here are some common sizes of industrial hoppers:

  • 1/8 cubic yard to 10 cubic yards
  • 4,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds

If you have particularly tight warehouse shelving or a crowded shop floor, a smaller hopper gives you the compact portability you need to transport materials safely. On the other hand, heavy-duty products and materials require a durable industrial hopper for effective hauling.

It’s important to consider both size and weight when selecting your hopper. Some companies produce large, bulky hoppers that don’t have high weight ratings. This is in part due to improper reinforcement. Quality hoppers, on the other hand, invest in durable, 10-gauge and 12-gauge carbon steel products with continuous welding. These features allow you to transport the maximum weight for the size of the hopper you need.

Benefits of Self-Dumping Industrial Hoppers

While a simple steel box with fork attachments can be an effective storage solution, the best industrial hoppers include a self-dumping feature. A self-dumping hopper gives you the ultimate convenience of storage, transportation and unloading.

Unloading a self-dumping hopper is easy, safe and efficient for fast-paced work environments. The best self-dumping mechanisms are reliable and easy to use while still safely seated in a forklift. This allows your employees to pick up, move and dump hoppers without coming in contact with hazardous or heavy materials.

Use a self-dumping industrial hopper to move fine sand, gravel or loose scrap materials efficiently. When these materials are cumbersome or dangerous for employees to physically move or remove from a storage container, a self-dumping hopper offers hands-free convenience. Before dumping your hopper, you can store it long-term inside or outside thanks to the durable industrial steel and industrial enamel paint.

Find a Custom Solution for Your Industrial Application

Shop for the latest industrial hopper designs and accessories at Roura Material Handling. Our quality hoppers have industry-leading designs for a wide range of uses. From the heavy-duty Behemoth self-dumping hopper to specialty options, like a dewatering hopper, lined hopper or open-sided options. If you can’t find the right hopper for your specific use, our engineers can work with you to create a custom-made hopper for your particular needs.

If you don’t need a self-dumping hopper, opt for a rotator box, granite slab rack or other premium product built with the same commitment to quality and rugged industrial steel design. At Roura Material Handling, we offer a wide range of industrial storage and transportation equipment to streamline your manufacturing and warehousing.

Once you select the perfect hopper for your application, upgrade your equipment with a range of accessories. Choose a durable lid to store your materials long term, or add casters to your hopper for even more maneuverability.

When you’re ready to invest in industry-leading hoppers from a time-tested company, contact us at Roura Material Handling. We’ve been proudly fabricating steel products and buildings since the 1920s, and have been creating innovative industrial hoppers since the 1940s. Our sales team will help you find the perfect hopper, or point you to our team of engineers to create a custom design for your business.