concrete hopper

Heavy-duty jobs need heavy-duty solutions. That’s especially true when it comes to your equipment choices. Everything including machinery, vehicles and accessories must provide durable, dependable and safe usage in every step of your production process. When you’re handling concrete, you need a sturdy concrete hopper to handle this substance’s weight, volume and unique properties. Behemoth self-dumping hoppers offer the perfect blend of reliability, strength, capacity and size to hold and transport your concrete.

Concrete Hoppers Are Built Tough To Work Tough

Like all other Roura products, our behemoth self-dumping hoppers are the strongest in their class. That’s because our production process relies on superior grade materials and innovative methods, resulting in a tough concrete hopper that easily handles your operations while increasing productivity and cutting down on costs.

All behemoth hoppers use the same basic sturdy construction. Each hopper’s chassis is fabricated with a 7 gauge thick steel body using 3/16″ and 1/4″ carbon steel. Meanwhile, continuous welding improves hopper body integrity and durability. Behemoth hopper construction includes heavy-duty box tube bases for added stability, along with two bottom support channels and three rows of side and back angles for extra reinforcement. These models also feature base to body chains and continuous stops for additional support and strength.

Exceptional Load and Volume Capacities

You need plenty of room to transport and hold concrete, and each Roura concrete hopper is made to meet these needs. Our behemoth hoppers’ load capacities range between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds, while volume capacities span between 6 and 10 cubic yards. We currently offer five behemoth hopper models available in a variety of sizes:

  • Model 4T‐3/16‐EL‐1620: 91” x 83” x 70”
  • Model 4T-3/16-EL-1890: 91” x 96” x 70”
  • Model 4T-3/16-EL-2160: 91” x 109” x 70”
  • Model 5T-1/4-EL-2430: 91” x 122” x 70”
  • Model 5T-1/4-EL-2700: 91” x 135” x 70”

These alone may seem impressive, but keep in mind that these are just our standard models. Our engineers can design a custom solution based on your specs or modify one of these existing hoppers to fit your enterprise’s requirements. While you’re eyeing these hoppers for concrete transport, our behemoth models are perfect for any large volume material handling.

Several Customizable Features

By themselves, our behemoth hoppers deliver safe and dependable material handling. However, don’t forget that you can select several key options to fine-tune your hopper. Available in lefthanded and righthanded versions, the extended auto-latch release handle allows the hopper to dump from an elevated height. Choose between a waterproof tarp cover or a mesh tarp cover to ensure that materials don’t fall out of the hopper during operation. Our hoppers come coated in standard green safety enamel paint, but you can also select safety red, blue, orange or yellow as well as brown, white, black or gray.

Besides these features, we supply other enhancements to personalize your behemoth hopper for your operations. Crane eyes permit you to attach chains and lift the hopper, while base legs make it easier to use it with pallet jacks. Other options include a 1-inch drain plug as well as base-to-body chains.

Trust the Material Handling Experts

With more than 100 years of experience fabricating durable high-quality products, Roura Material Handling is an industry leader producing self-dumping hoppers, specialty hoppers, rotator boxes and stone products. Roura provides a wide range of material handling solutions designed for specific industrial applications, including custom products engineered for clients’ unique requirements. To get your questions answered or request a custom hopper to meet your specific needs, complete our convenient contact form. You can also call our Michigan headquarters toll-free at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi location at (800) 654-9147.